Taipei Open 2023: Day 3, LIVE Streaming and Fixtures

The Taipei Open is an open badminton international championship which has been a BWF Super 300 tournament and held regularly in Taiwan.

Indian badminton player Parupalli Kashyap; Credit: Twitter/@parupallik
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The Taipei Open is an open badminton international championship held in Taiwan since the 1970s. The tournament is conducted in irregular periods over the years. However, post-1980 they are regularly held, except in 1998, 2001, 2020, and 2021, the latter two due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tournament is categorised as a BWF grade 300 tournament.

Heading on to the Day 3 of the tournament, the shuttlers will be blaring to perform in the Round of 16. However, Day 2 was not the best of the day for the Indian shuttlers. Several promising talented shuttlers Kiran George, M Manjunath, S. Subramanian etc crashed out in the Round of 32. However, when the novices of the games failed, the void was filled by the performances of the veterans like HS Prannoy and Kashyap Parupalli. Both of them have stormed into the Round of 16. In the women’s singles, the only glimmer of hope is T. Hemanth who has managed to secure a berth in the Round of 16. One of the biggest disappointments will be the dismal performance of Akarshi Kashyap. The Indian Mixed doubles pairing of Sikki Reddy and Rohan Kapoor has also managed to make their way to the round of 16.

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Taipei Open Day 3: Fixtures

Men’s Singles

FixturesTime (IST)
P. Kashyap vs L.Y SU9.30 A.M
Angus K.L Nag vs J.W Chean11 A.M
Y.C Chan vs K. Nishimoto12.30 A.M
J.H Leong VS C.A Dwi Wardoyo12.40 A.M
K.Tsuneyama vs S.Z Yeoh10.10 A.M
Prannoy H.S VS Sugiarto11.00 A.M
Y.chi vs T.W Wang12.40 P.M
C.Y Lin vs T.C Chou1.30 P.M

Women’s Singles Fixtures

FixturesTime (IST)
Y.J Sim vs P.Choeikeewong9.30 A.M
S.Y Sung vs Wang,yusi10.40 A.M
Y.Huang vs P.Opatniput11.30 A.M
T.Y Tai vs T.Hemanth12.30 P.M
P.Chiu vs B.W Zhang10.10 A.M
Y.P Pai vs I. Wang11.10 A.M
P.K Wardani vs C.P Huang11.40 A.M
S. Katethong vs L. Thuy Nguyen12.30 P.M

Men’s Doubles Fixtures

FixturesTiming (IST)
C. Lee Liu, & Kuang Heng vs P.H. Yang & C.Y. Lu12:10 pm
J.H. Lee & P.H. Yang vs Z. Chen & C. Lu1:10 pm
E. Y. Teo & Y.S. Ong vs W.K. Tan N. & M.A. Ayub1:40 pm
C.Y. Lin & Y. Lin vs Y. Lee & C.L. Wang2:30 pm
W. C. Man & K.W. Tee vs  A. Morada & C. Bernardo1:10 pm
C. Wei & G. Wu vs J. Yuan & V. Chiu1:30 pm
Lin, Bing-Wei Tseng & Ping-Chiang vs F.C. Lee & F.J. Lee2:10 pm
S.S. Na & Y. Jin vs K.C. Chang & L. Po2:30 pm

Women’s Doubles Fixtures

FixturesTiming (IST)
K. Xu & A. Xu vs A. Pak & E. Calder-Hawkins11:30 am
Lin, Yu-Pei & E. Hung vs C.S. Lim & V. Hoo1:00 pm 
P. ChiuS. Vs Y. Sung &  W.Y. NgLui & Lok Lok2:00 pm
M. T. P. Sari & R. A. Rose vs Y. Lee & S.C. Shin2:10 pm
A. C. Pratiwi & F. D. Kusuma vs Y. ChengSun & Wen Pei11:40 am
X. Lin & L.F. Hu vs Wei, Wan & YiY. Lee1:40 pm
C.H. Lee & C.H. Teng vs K. Ea & G. Somerville2:00 pm
C. Liu & Y. Wang vs K. Y. FanYau & Mau Ying2:30 pm

Mixed Doubles Fixtures

FixturesTiming (IST)
Y. Kim & Y. Lee vs M.X. Teoh and H. P. Ron9:40 am
R. Kapoor & N. Reddy vs H. Chiu & X. Lin10:00 am
P. Hsieh & M.H. Tseng vs R. N. Kusharjanto & L. A. Kusumawati10:30 am
H.W. Ye & C.H. Lee vs L. Po & C.H. Chang10:40 am
L.F. Hu & P.H. Yang vs Y.C. Hsu & J.H. Lee9:40 am
K. Y. Fan & S. C. Yeung vs K.C. Chang & C. Lee10:00 am
T. J. Chen & E. W. Toh vs R. Oupthong & J. Sudjaipraparat10:30 am
A. S. P. Pranata and J. Hidayatullah vs P. H. Mentari & R. Rivaldy11:10 am

When is the Taipei Open 2023?

The 2023 Taipei Open will commence on June 20 and end on June 25.

Where to watch the Taipei Open 2023?

Live streaming of the Taipei Open 2023 badminton matches will be available on the Jio Cinema app as well as the Badminton World Federation’s official YouTube channel, BWF TV. The live telecast of the Taipei Open will also be available on the Sports 18-1 TV channel in India.

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