With John Cena returning to RAW let's look back at some of his greatest moments

In 2002, John Cena faced off against Kurt Angle on SmackDown for the first time on June 27 as a rookie, and he has since gone on to win 16 world championships.

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With every day moving forward, the excitement and hype of the WWE universe grow as the 16-time World Champion John Cena is returning to RAW. He is a joint record holder with Ric Flair for winning the most World Championships in the promotion’s history. The leader of the “Cenation” army is set to make his return on June 27 on Monday night RAW. John Cena is one of the most decorated stars WWE has produced. He wished to be Mr. Olympia but life had different goals for him and his journey with WWE speaks for it all. John Cena is a household name known across the world to many.

Cena last competed in a ring match in September 2021 on SmackDown when he teamed up with The Mysterios to take on The Usos. Since then, he has been extremely busy with his big-budget movie projects. In addition, the “Doctor of Thuganomics” has won the Royal Rumble twice. In both 2008 and 2013, Cena took first place, headlined WrestleMania, and won the championship. Six superstars, including Cena, have twice won the Royal Rumble. Cena won his first US championship at Wrestlemania and has won the US championship five times overall. Cena has five times been the WrestleMania main event star in his illustrious wrestling career.

Let’s take a look back at some of his top 5 moments

John Cena’s debut challenging Kurt Angle

John Cena debuted against one of the best wrestlers in the world Kurt Angle. On the episode of Smackdown in 2002, Kurt Angle called out anyone who wished to face him can come in the ring and get the fight. And to everyone’s surprise, it was John Cena. Cena was very young when he debuted in WWE. But the impression he left was impeccable. He earned the respect of the greatest “The Undertaker” by showing his “ruthless aggression”. As everyone knows the first impression is the last impression and Cena just made one hell of an impression which made him the fan-favorite immediately.

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United States Championship open challenge

In 2015, John Cena was already at his career’s peak and was also considered to be the “Face of the Company” as well. He defeated Rusev to win the United States championship and returned to his glory. He then announced that he would issue an open challenge and would defend his title every week on RAW. This challenge led to interesting matchups and he fought the likes of Xavier Woods, Cesaro, Dean Ambrose, and many more to fight him and win the championship. This helped to elevate younger talent and allowed them to showcase their talent against the best in the company. It was one of the best moments as Cena led the future generation and helped them to make a name for themselves.

World Championship win in Wrestlemania 21

John Cena’s first World Championship win came in Wrestlemania 21. He won his first world championship defeating JBL. As, a rising star at the time John Cena cemented himself as one of the best face to work for the promotion. John Cena and JBL fought in a hard fought battle but JBL came short and lost to John Cena. With this big change John Cena was given a huge push and now everyone knows how big of a star he really is.

John Cena’s Royal Rumble return in 2008

To this day, it gives us goosebumps remembering the return of the leader of the “Cenation” army in Royal Rumble 2008. John Cena was said to be injured at the time and wasn’t expected to return in Royal Rumble. But a miracle happens and he made one of the biggest returns in the company history-making the crowd goes wild. He entered the match as the last entrant. With his music hitting crowd goes crazy and Triple H’s reaction after seeing Cena was like he saw a ghost. He won the Royal Rumble 2008 and headlined Wrestlemania 26.

John Cena vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 29

If there is any bigger name in WWE than John Cena, it is only one man, The Brahma Bull Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. His feud with The Rock was one of the dream matches which WWE made true. As John Cena was the top star in the company, some stars came before him, and now the one standing before him was none other than the People’s Champ. John Cena beat The Rock at the “grandest stage of all” ending the long feud both the man had during their illustrious career.

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