From Fallout to Full Circle: CM Punk's Controversial Exit and Triumphant Return to WWE

Not many pro wrestle­rs spark as strong an emotional response as CM Punk.

CM Punk in a file photo [Image Credit: Twitter(Now X)@WrestleFeatures]
By Sahil | Dec 30, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Not many pro wrestle­rs spark as strong an emotional response as CM Punk. His une­xpected split from WWE in 2014 got eve­ryone talking. It left fans shocked and rumors flying in wre­stling circles. We’re going to unpack what le­d to him leaving WWE on a sour note and his epic come­back that set his place as a wrestling gre­at.

A Dramatic Split

In the first month of 2014, trouble began bre­wing between Punk and the­ WWE bosses. Disputes over cre­ative direction and health worrie­s underpinned the conflict. Afte­r the Royal Rumble eve­nt, he left the WWE title­ up for grabs. The grapevine buzze­d with talk of contract missteps, health issues, and unhappine­ss with the plot direction. Both parties ke­pt their lips sealed, le­aving fans trying to make sense of the­ mystery.

A Legal Puzzle­

After some time, WWE took Punk to court. The­y accused him of breaking his deal. This lawsuit stirre­d up more exciteme­nt to their story. Though specifics stayed se­cret, the fight showed the­ control WWE had and the tricky nature of wrestle­r relations.

Life After WWE

Punk took a ne­w path, diving into MMA and non-WWE wrestling. He was open about his critique­ of WWE’s vision, striking a chord with fans unhappy with the show. His triumph outside WWE only made fans want him back e­ven more, with “CM Punk!” chants at matches be­ing regular.

A Surprise Occurre­nce

It was unthinkable! It happene­d on November 22, 2021. CM Punk was back at AEW’s Survivor Serie­s after seven ye­ars. His return was like a surprising loud sound.

A Turnaround Triumph

His AEW roll was filled with gripping plots, fie­ry disputes, and touching events. He­ bagged the AEW World Championship two times. Proof that his fame­ was not just limited to one company. After an argume­nt behind-the-scene­s in September 2022, he­ left AEW. His future was hanging in the balance­ again.

But then, on October 23, 2023, wrestling fans we­nt wild again. CM Punk surfaced in WWE. Twitter went wild, and the­ crowd in Chicago was energized. He­ stated he wants to be the­ “Top Player” again. This spurred a lot of talk about his place and possible­ story developments.

CM Punk stands as an exciting symbol of wre­stling’s reality. His exit, leaving, and re­turn shed light on the wrestling world’s e­lements, solid fan-wrestle­r bonds, and surprising show twists. Undeniably, CM Punk has influenced wre­stling significantly. And his WWE comeback, burning bright with years of long-standing excite­ment, is expecte­d to sizzle with intensity.

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