When will Roman Reigns return after his loss against Cody Rhodes? Know what other WWE superstars have to say

Following Roman Reigns' surprising loss to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XL, speculation is rife about his next move in WWE.

Roman Reigns with his Wisemean Paul Heyman in a file photo [Image-Twitter]
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Following Roman Reigns’ surprising loss to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XL, speculation is rife about his next move in WWE, with many wrestling insiders weighing in on potential matchups for the former Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Wrestling veteran Matt Morgan recently shared his belief on the Gigantic Pop podcast that Reigns will eventually square off against none other than The Rock, his cousin and fellow WWE legend.

“That’s definitely gonna happen. They’re gonna work each other, obviously,” Morgan asserted, hinting at an inevitable showdown between the two powerhouse performers.

Roman Reigns will be on a hiatus

While Reigns is expected to take a hiatus following his loss at WrestleMania, fellow wrestling personality Mark Henry weighed in on the potential timeline for a match between The Rock and Cody Rhodes, suggesting it could take up to a year to materialize.

“I will put a year timeline on The Rock and Cody [match]. The Rock probably won’t be back before WrestleMania next year,” Henry speculated, indicating a longer-term plan for the highly anticipated clash.

However, Henry also emphasized the importance of Reigns taking a well-deserved break, advocating for at least a six-month hiatus to rejuvenate and recharge.

“But, Roman, he deserves a six-month break. They need to go through the next six-month story arc of The Bloodline building itself like the nWo did,” Henry remarked, highlighting the significance of Reigns’ character development and storyline progression.

Future of The Bloodline

On the future of The Bloodline, wrestling analyst Bully Ray offered his insights, predicting a potential split within the faction that could lead to a blockbuster showdown between two factions led by The Rock and Reigns, respectively.

“They are going to plug people in that are going to add to the story, and not water down the story. Characters that can pick a side — ‘I’m with The Rock for this reason, I’m with Roman for this reason’ because it would be a waste to not split The Bloodline up right now,” Bully Ray suggested, envisioning a compelling narrative leading up to a potential Survivor Series War Games Match between the two factions.

As speculation continues to mount about Reigns’ return and future matchups, WWE fans eagerly await the unfolding drama and potential clashes between wrestling titans on the grand stage.

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