When will Rhea Ripley return? Know about updated return timeline for 'Mami' and her injury

Rhea Ripley was one of WWE's most dominant champions, having held the Women's World Championship for 380 days.

Rhea Ripley (credits:@rhearipley_wwe/instagram)
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Rhea Ripley was one of WWE’s most dominant champions, having held the Women’s World Championship for 380 days. The Judgment Day Eradicator resumed her winning streak at WrestleMania 40, defeating Becky Lynch to retain her championship. However, calamity struck on Raw after WWE’s main event. Rhea Ripley was attacked backstage by Liv Morgan, who drove Ripley’s shoulder into the wall, causing what appeared to be a very serious injury.

The title belt was put up for grabs after Ripley was forced to vacate it last week due to a shoulder injury earlier in the month. Ripley retained the title for 380 days after defeating Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39 last year, and she successfully defended it against Lynch at WrestleMania 40. Lynch is the new WWE Woman’s World Champion.

When will Rhea Ripley return?

On Raw in Montreal, Rhea Ripley resigned her Women’s World Championship, prompting Liv Morgan to mock her. Ripley has stated that she expected to be out of the ring for several months, and a new source has provided further information on how long the Australian star will be out.

Bryan Alvarez, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, revealed how long Rhea Ripley is expected to be out of action due to her injury: “She suffered an AC joint sprain in the brawl with Liv Morgan last week on Raw. She was thrown into the wall and boom there goes the shoulder. An injury like that, probably 4-6 weeks to regain mobility and then usually 3 months to be back in action so she had to vacate the title.” That timeframe would allow Ripley to return in time for SummerSlam in Cleveland, Ohio, where she would most certainly seek retribution, if not reclaim her championship.

Rhea Ripley takes her shot at Becky Lynch, Liv Morgan after WWE Raw

Rhea Ripley addressed Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan after the Women’s World Title fight royal on WWE Raw. Lynch won the title in the battle royal, eventually defeating Morgan in the main event match. Ripley, who lost the championship due to injury on last week’s event, took to Twitter following the match with a photo of Lynch and Morgan, writing: “The forever runner up and the interim champ. #WWERAW”

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