WWE news: Mark Henry's recent remarks on Corey Graves astounded Booker T

Many former WWE superstars have joined AEW in recent years, but Booker T feels there may be some negative consequences.

Booker T in a file photo. (Image: Twitter)
By Blesson Daniel | May 28, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T replied to Mark Henry’s recent comments on “Busted Open Radio” about Sasha Banks and Naomi on the newest episode of his “Hall Of Fame” podcast. Mark Henry didn’t like Corey Graves’ claim that Banks and Naomi had “suddenly and unprofessionally walked out,” for those who don’t know. Mark Henry said, “My issue was with people on the show saying that was unprofessional. Because I’m going to tell you right now, if that was my wife and I’m working on that show, I’m walking down to the announce table.”

Booker T speaks up on Henry’s comment saying, “It seems like going to AEW just makes you forget about how the business really works. I’m 100 percent sure Mark Henry knows that what comes out of Corey Graves’ mouth is something that he was told to actually say … Especially when it’s something to that magnitude, I wouldn’t imagine that’s his personal opinion.”

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Booker T was shocked

Booker T was schocked as he didn’t expected Mark Henry to be the man who lashes out on Corey Graves. Booker added and said, “Mark knows better than that. Then again, if Jimmy [Uso, Naomi’s husband] was to do something like that, so Jimmy goes to the announce table and he gets fired that same night as well, that makes no sense to me. I would think Mark knows that … I don’t know if it’s just to get their internet buzz or anything like that, but Mark knows better than that, and to hear that it’s shocking more than anything.”

Jimmy Uso has yet to make a public statement on the incident, but it’s been stated that his career will not be harmed as a result of the scenario – something that appears to be reinforced by the fact that he and his brother, Jey, now hold both of WWE’s tag team championships. Meanwhile, Graves isn’t the only one to criticise Naomi and Banks on broadcast; Michael Cole said the same thing on WWE‘s “SmackDown,” saying they “left us all down.” This seems to reinforce the theory that the words delivered by the commentary team are actually Vince McMahon’s comments.