Viking Raiders Beat Alpha Academy at Monday Night Raw could challenge former RAW Tag Team Champions ahead ?

This week on RAW, the latter defeated Apha Academy in a Viking Rules match. The Raiders' triumph was highly convincing.

By Niranjan Shivalkar | Jul 18, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

In a Viking Rules match, Otis and Chad Gable of Alpha Academy took against Erik and Ivar of Viking Raiders. When Valhalla became involved, Maxxine Dupri briefly removed her. With a Spear, Valhalla sent Dupri flying through a table. The Viking Raiders ultimately prevailed. Former Tag Team Champions could challenge Owens and Zayn for their tag team belts. The Viking Raiders are the aforementioned former champions. Earlier this week on RAW, the latter defeated Apha Academy in a Viking Rules match. The Raiders’ triumph was highly convincing.

Viking Raiders vs Alpha Academy

In an effort to put Erik and Ivar’s feud to rest once and for all, Chad Gable and Otis competed against them in a Viking Rules bout. Before the referee could ring the bell, Otis sent Gable into the Vikings as they made their arrival. The game had very few rules, so it was chaotic the entire time. All four of the men in the ring made sure that this was taken as seriously as possible despite the props and wooden ship being a bit excessive. Maxxine Dupri was delighted to get her Alpha Academy jacket, but her joy was short-lived as Valhalla forced her through a table. Otis put on a strong display, but the final blow was a double powerbomb from both Vikings. This was a lot of fun and the ideal summary of what sets WWE apart from other businesses.

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Raiding for the RAW Tag Team Championship ?

With their victory over Alpha Academy, the Viking Raiders could possibly put an end to their conflict with the group. It would merely make logic for the pair to go and shoot a challenge for the tag team championship if that were the case. They stand a good possibility of unseating Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn if they give it their all. The Viking Raiders previously held the title of RAW Tag Team Champions in 2019. They made history by becoming the first team to ever win the tag championship in ROH, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and WWE by taking home the prized tag titles back then. It will be intriguing to see if they can reclaim their tag team titles.

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