Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul: Five interesting scenarios that can happen when Roman Reigns takes on Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel 2022

At WWE Crown Jewel, The Tribal Chief will defend his Undisputed Universal Heavyweight Championship against Logan Paul and that has the internet talking. We will look at some of the potential outcomes here.

Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul will take place at Crown Jewel. (Image credits:

Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul is scheduled to take place on November 5th at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia and it definitely has a ring to it. Roman Reigns has been the Universal Champion for more than 800 days and currently is the undisputed champion after beating Brock Lesnar. It is a given that right now, Reigns is at the top of the mountain and has no credible challenger in sight. So it came as a surprise when WWE booked Logan Paul to take on Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Universal Championship at Crown Jewel.

While there are a lot of wrestlers that deserve to be taking on Roman Reigns, one should not discount the capabilities of Logan Paul. Despite wrestling just two matches in his WWE career so far, Paul has showcased something that very few in the company have and that is natural charisma. He is great on the mic, can incite a response from the crowd and the best thing of all is his performance in the ring. His match against The Miz at SummerSlam had a lot of great moments but the best part was when he performed a frog splash from the top rope with his opponent lying on the announcers table. Paul went on to win the match.

Triple H, who is now the man in charge, saw it fit for Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul to go ahead and it was announced during a special press conference. With Solo Sikoa now added to The Bloodline, Reigns’ faction is now stronger than it has ever been but at the same time, we cant put it past Logan Paul to add a spanner in the works no matter how difficult the odds seem. In this article, we will have a look at some of the potential things that can happen in the Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul fight.

Roman Reigns wins clean

Roman Reigns in a file photo. (Image credits: twitter)

This is by far the most logical outcome. With Reigns being on a tear for the last two years, he should be able to dismantle Paul. The arrogance was visible during the press conference where he warned Logan of first learning to crawl before flying. That should serve as the template for the match and given that the Undisputed title is on the line, this should be a foregone conclusion even before the bell rings.

Roman Reigns wins by interference

The Bloodline will have a major say in the match. (Image credits: twitter)

Ever since his win against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38, every time Reigns has put his title on the line, he has needed some sort of outside interference to get the job done. At SummerSlam, it took the entire Bloodline, Paul Heyman and an announcers table for Reigns to get the win over Brock Lesnar. We have not seen Lesnar since. At Clash at the Castle, Drew McIntyre and Reigns went through a hellacious battle and it seemed like Drew would get the better of Roman, but the Tribal Chief pulled out a rabbit out of the hat and got a helping hand from his cousin Solo Sikoa to get the win. So don’t be surprised to see some ringside shenanigans during the Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul match.

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Sami Zayn turns on Roman Reigns

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in a file photo. (Image credits: twitter)

This happening is highly unlikely but if it does, the pop from the crowd is going to be deafening. Zayn has been the reason people have been tuning into SmackDown for the last couple of months and rightly so. He is the one person keeping The Bloodline relevant in Roman’s absence. Be it his beef with Jey Uso or his comedic lingo, Sami has been on a roll. It does feel like Zayn is not happy with the constant bullying from Jey and that could play a part. He has also had some arguments with Kevin Owens who is not too happy that Zayn is acting as Reigns’ watchdog. With WWE, never say never.

Logan Paul pulls off an upset

Logan Paul in a file photo. (Image credits:

Now hear me out on this. There is no way that Logan should be able to defeat the Tribal Chief in a one on one battle. But there is something about Paul that just screams a big game. We should not forget that Logan went toe to toe with the greatest boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather. So one can’t put it past the realms of possibility that Logan wins. Logan Paul, Undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion – does it have a good ring to it?

The return of Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns in a file photo. (Image credits:

Each time the WWE goes to one of these overseas shows, there is a surprise entry. There is an urge on the part of the WWE to give the fans what they want and who bigger than Brock Lesnar. Although we have seen Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar many times, it would not be bad to see them face off again. What would make the return even better is that Brock has not been since since SummerSlam. So Reigns beats Logan and celebrates and out comes Lesnar to what can only be imagined as a deafening pop. And right now, there is no wrestler on the roster that can take the title off of Reigns other than Brock Lesnar.

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