Road Dogg argues on whether CM Punk is a pro wrestler

During his initial tenure in WWE, CM Punk held the WWE Championship twice, the Intercontinental Championship once, and the WWE Tag Team Championship once, which he won with Kofi Kingston in 2008.

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Despite the firm’s unfavorable past with CM Punk, the corporation seldom rejects a former Superstar’s comeback if it’s in the best interests of the company. As a result, many fans would like to see Punk’s tale pick up where it left off. The current Senior Vice President of Live Events, Road Dogg, alias Brian James, who has been vocal about his dislike for the former AEW World Champion, would have to bury the hatchet with Punk before a WWE homecoming.

Regardless of their past, James discussed CM Punk’s future in wrestling on a recent edition of “Oh… You Didn’t Know?” Punk is a terrific wrestler, according to James, but he also feels that the “Straight Edge Superstar” is more of a “sports entertainer” than a pro wrestler.

The former WWE Tag Team Champion did add that even with the baggage he and the organization have, WWE could always bring him back, mentioning that what makes Punk so box office and distinct from everyone else is his ability to amuse the people while still being himself.

“I think Punk’s a great example of a guy that if you just went with wrestler, wrestler, wrestler, wouldn’t have made it without the attitude, mic skills and I don’t want to say character because Punk was never really a character, he was just himself, but he’s good at it,” James said. “He made people tune in and get behind it. I don’t have to like you, take you out for dinner [to work with you].”

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WWE Hall of Famer discusses whether Triple H and CM Punk can bury the hatchet

CM Punk has not returned to AEW since he was supposedly suspended after an altercation involving himself, Ace Steel, and The Elite. Although Punk’s fate remains unknown, The Elites were defeated by the Death Triangle in their first appearance on AEW TV since the battle at Full Gear.

With the possibility that Punk, who has won the AEW World Championship twice, may not be returning to the business after what happened, some have speculated that he may try again in WWE. WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long spoke with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman on whether WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H and Punk might let bygones be bygones.

“These are two grown men, and I think that they can sit down and they can talk and they can settle their differences,” Long said. “If Hunter sees that there’s money still in CM Punk, then Hunter will act on it. And I think CM Punk, like I said, ain’t a guy out here looking for a job. I think he just wants to be treated right, and whatever angle or push they’re going to give him, he just wants to have them do it right … I think they could bury the hatchet, and I think it would work.

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