Michael Chandler's electrifying WWE RAW promo: Fans go wild as he calls out Conor McGregor

Recently, UFC star Michael Chandler surprised loads of people. This happened on WWE RAW when he surprised the crowd with

Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor in a file photo [credit: instagram@mikechandlermma]
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Recently, UFC star Michael Chandler surprised loads of people. This happened on WWE RAW when he surprised the crowd with a bold promo. As a surprise, the UFC champ took a jab at Conor McGregor, one of the best fighters in the combat sports world who is a 2-time world champion the unexpected mix of UFC and WWE has made the fans go wild because of chatter about a potential face-off between these two big-name athletes is buzzing. Let’s dig deeper into this exciting news and see what it might mean for UFC and WWE.

In a special WWE RAW segment, “TKOGrp Takeover,” Michael Chandler stepped up and gave a surprising and powerful speech as he is known for his dynamic moves and fighting style. Chandler boldly challenged Conor McGregor who is also a top-notch player in the fight scene. Chandler’s speech was intense and revealed his wish to take on McGregor in the WWE ring. The audience roared in delight, and online chats were soon filled with debates and guesses about a possible face-off between these two charming fighters.

The Exciting Fusion of UFC and WWE: A Thrilling Collision of Combat Sports

UFC and WWE colliding again, It’s not a new thing because, over time, many UFC fighters have stepped into the wrestling ring as their unique style and fight skills have won over bigger audiences. This mix of two fighting sports can get fans hyped up. They can’t wait to see their top fighters duke it out in a new setting. A good example is Michael Chandler because he has quite a fanbase by doing well in the UFC lightweight division. He sees fighting Conor McGregor as an awesome chance as it could boost his profile and make a splash in sports entertainment. The WWE fandom is eager to witness this energetic event.

“You are now in the presence of the most entertaining UFC fighter on the planet. “

“Hey, now there’s a man from Ireland who’s been making me wait way too long, and I still have got one dude on my mind. Conor McGregor, get your candy ass back to the octagon.”

“We’ve got some unfinished business, boys. God bless. I’ll see you at the top!” These were a few sentences stated by Chandler while addressing the WWE crowd.

In July 2021 Conor McGregor broke his leg during a fight with Dustin Poirier. There have been plans in progress for a year for McGregor’s next big fight and it will be against Michael Chandler. The initial goal was to host this fight at UFC 300 on April 13 when McGregor showed signs of coming back on June 29 in Las Vegas but Dana White, the UFC president, thinks this isn’t likely. We still don’t know for sure if the fight will happen or not and all of McGregor’s fans and now the WWE fans are on their toes awaiting news about his next move to witness a nail-biting event.

Conor McGregor, who’s won UFC titles twice, is known in the showbiz world. This magnetic, smart, and skilled fighter has gained worldwide fame and If McGregor took part in a WWE event, it would be exciting because it would attract both UFC and WWE fans. The thought of a showdown between Chandler and McGregor stirs up fans’ excitement. They see a battle that goes beyond usual fight sports.

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