'Man, this dude is good' - Booker T unearths about wrestling's hidden gem

In a recent episode of Booker T's "Hall of Fame" podcast, the two-time Hall of Famer shed light on the overlooked brilliance of Mr. Hughes.

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In the vast realm of pro wrestling, where legacies are often measured by championship belts and main-event status, there exists a hidden gem according to Booker T. The spotlight is now on the underrated former WWE star, Mr. Hughes, also known as Curtis Hughes. In a recent episode of Booker T’s “Hall of Fame” podcast, the two-time Hall of Famer shed light on the overlooked brilliance of Hughes, attributing him to being a source of inspiration during Booker’s early days in the business.

“He was one of the brothers that I used to actually watch and say, ‘Man, this dude is good.’ People don’t really give Mr. Hughes the credit he really deserves,” Booker expressed, acknowledging the impact Hughes had on his own wrestling journey. While Hughes may not have reached the pinnacle of a world championship, Booker passionately argues that he was undeniably one of the era’s best workers, an unsung hero deserving of more recognition.

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Booker T talks about his mentor

The narrative takes an intriguing turn as Booker T recently welcomed the retired Mr. Hughes into his Reality of Wrestling crew. Beyond the squared circle, Hughes now assumes the role of a coach and talent evaluator, adding a new chapter to his wrestling story. This move by Booker not only emphasizes the respect he holds for Hughes but also highlights the mentorship aspect of the wrestling world.

Mr. Hughes’ wrestling journey spans multiple promotions, including WCW, WWE, and ECW. His versatility is evident as he transitioned from in-ring competition to a managerial role. Notably, in the late ’90s, Hughes played a pivotal role as the bodyguard to heels such as Triple H and Chris Jericho during two separate stints in WWE. Despite the brevity of these stints, Hughes left an indelible mark on the wrestling landscape.

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Beyond the Spotlight

While the spotlight may not have shone as brightly on Mr. Hughes during his active wrestling days, his influence echoes through the successes of talents emerging from the WWA4 wrestling school. Hughes, as the head trainer, nurtured the skills of future stars like Apollo Crews, Heath Slater, Moose, AR Fox, and more, who now grace the rosters of major promotions like WWE, AEW, TNA, and NJPW.

In conclusion, as the wrestling world evolves, Booker T’s acknowledgment of Mr. Hughes serves as a reminder that greatness isn’t always measured in championships but in the enduring impact on those who follow in one’s footsteps. The story of Curtis Hughes, the unsung hero, continues to unfold beyond the glitz and glamour of the main event.

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