Jimmy Uso injury update at the Friday Night SmackDown, will be resting indefinitely 

Jimmy Uso was placed on a table after being hit with a powerful dive, Sikoa struck him, sending him through the table.

Jimmy Uso in a file photo [Image-Twitter]
By Niranjan Shivalkar | Jul 15, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

This week’s WWE SmackDown premiered at the Tribal Court of Roman Reigns, when things went wrong. After Reigns and Sikoa defeated The Usos and hurt Jimmy, the match came to a close. A stretcher was required to transport the star. The Tribal Chief appeared to be done heading the faction, while The Usos were getting ready to meet Reigns and air their grievances with the celebrity. He gave Jey his lei, but then suddenly struck him with a low blow. After being teased by Sikoa that he would ultimately turn on Roman Reigns, he helped the Tribal Chief in the terrible beating that ensued. 

Serious Injury 

Before being struck with a Samoan Spike, Jey Uso was made to watch as his brother was brutally assaulted. Jimmy Uso was placed on a table after being hit with many moves in the meantime. With a powerful dive, Sikoa struck him, sending him through the table. Immediately following, Jey Uso dashed backstage carrying his injured sibling. Because of the assault, he was unable to leave on his own. Jimmy Uso was harmed at the event, according to the commentary team, although the extent of his injuries are not yet known. He is receiving a medical evaluation at the hospital after being brought there. It is unclear whether he will take a break or not.

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Injury Update 

After a clip of Tribal Court’s devastation and Jimmy Uso being eliminated by Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa, Michael Cole gave an update on his condition during this week’s broadcast of Friday Night SmackDown. He “ruptured his rib cartilage” and will be sidelined for a “foreseeable future.” You’ll recall that they carried Jimmy around on a stretcher while also fitting him with a neck brace. It’s amusing that “ruptured rib cartilage” was chosen as the injury, given that you can get one by sneezing or coughing too forcefully.

In any case, this helps pave the way for Jey Uso to challenge Reigns on his own at SummerSlam, where the main event is still anticipated to take place in Detroit at the beginning of next month. It gives the story a new dimension.

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