WWE mistakenly promotes Sasha Banks for a live event

Unsurprisingly, money is also a factor in Banks' abrupt exit from the organisation in addition to artistic issues.

Sasha Banks [Image- [email protected]]
By Blesson Daniel | Dec 29, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Sasha Banks, a multiple-time women’s champion, was one of the top names in the WWE women’s division. Unfortunately, once she left during WWE Raw in May, her tenure in the company was essentially over. Following her leave, a number of events occurred since Banks is effectively finished with WWE. Having said that, it appears that WWE recently unintentionally promoted her for a live show.

Advertising for a program that attendees could purchase at their shop stand was reportedly included during the live event that was taking place at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. In the top left corner of the show, Sasha Banks appeared to be marketed as well.

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A nearby resident who was a fan who pointed out the error on Twitter made all of this clear. Later on, he clarified that the program’s image was an outdated one. Therefore, it was probably just an oversight on the part of WWE to leave the picture up there rather than an indication of Banks’ return to the organization.

Fans shouldn’t hold out hope for The Boss to make a quick comeback because it has also been rumored that Sasha Banks has parted ways with WWE. She will make her NJPW debut on January 4 at Wrestle Kingdom 17, in the interim. If Banks will become a major star in Japan, only time will tell.

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