Logan Paul calls out Rey Mysterio's son at UFC 295

Logan Paul's journey from the glitz of WWE's Crown Jewel to the raw intensity of UFC 295 is like going from a scripted blockbuster to an improv comedy night.

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By Blesson Daniel | Nov 13, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

In the electrifying chaos of UFC 295 at Madison Square Garden, stars weren’t just in the octagon – they were ringside too. One notable attendee? None other than the WWE United States champion himself, Logan Paul. And oh, did he add a dash of WWE flair to the mix.

Picture this: Logan Paul, a man who recently duked it out with Dominik Mysterio’s dad, Rey, at WWE’s Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. Now, Logan’s ringside gave a friendly shout-out to Dominik, but oops, he somehow managed to misspell the poor guy’s name. Well, isn’t that just a delightful twist to your typical sports shout-out?

So, you remember how Logan snagged his first WWE title from Rey Mysterio, right? Brass knuckles and a sneaky move during Rey’s iconic 619 finishing move – classic Logan. Fast forward to UFC 295, and there he is, sitting cageside. It’s like watching your favorite character from one TV show pop up in a completely different series. Wrestling drama meets the octagon chaos.

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Logan Paul is taking the US title to all the places

Logan Paul’s journey from the glitz of WWE’s Crown Jewel to the raw intensity of UFC 295 is like going from a scripted blockbuster to an improv comedy night. The guy who once orchestrated scripted wrestling maneuvers is now navigating the unpredictable battleground of the UFC. Talk about a genre shift!

Let’s not forget – Logan’s got that WWE United States title, and he clinched it with a sprinkle of controversy, courtesy of those trusty brass knuckles. Now he’s parading around UFC 295 with both his shiny new belt and the lingering echoes of his clash with Rey Mysterio. It’s like he brought the whole wrestling soap opera with him to the UFC circus.

In the dazzling lights of Madison Square Garden, Logan Paul’s shout out and WWE championship legacy collide with the raw energy of UFC 295. It’s a crossover extravaganza that’s part comedy, part drama, and entirely unpredictable. Buckle up, folks; we’re in for a wild ride!

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