Is the WWE roster happy with Vince McMahon's return?

It was in July 2022 when Vince McMahon retired from WWE as the company’s CEO & Chairman.

Vince McMahon in a file photo. (Image credits: twitter)
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Vince McMahon announced his retirement from WWE as CEO and Chairman in July 2022. He was fired after overseeing the firm for 40 years owing to various hush-money payments he made to women he was engaged with.

When Vince departed from his position as WWE President, his son-in-law Paul “Triple H” Levesque took over as WWE Chief Content Officer, which also includes signing talent.

Vince was reinstated as Executive Chairman to begin 2023. While Vince has made some creative changes since his return and since Endeavour purchased WWE, it is still mostly a Triple H show because he is in charge of the creative staff.

Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch remarked on the PWTorch VIP Audio podcast that two current WWE superstars he spoke with favor Vince being back in the creative process to whatever extent he’s involved in.

“The wrestlers who are more sympathetic or okay with or even somewhat happy with Vince returning — the wrestlers I talked to directly like Vince better but they also indicated [that] they are not alone [and] that there are people who are happy Vince is back.”

“It’s natural that some wrestlers would think that they were getting a better push under Vince McMahon than Paul Levesque because every booker is gonna have their favorites that they like a little more than others and those people get a boost and others will be like, hey, I think I was in a better position under Vince. Some of it is just that. It’s purely based on self-interest that they were getting a better push.” H/T Wrestlingnewsco

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Difference between Triple H and Vince McMahon

Keller would go on to say that there was a difference in how Vince McMahon and Triple H booked the program. “One person I asked said they think that Vince McMahon is more focused on building strong babyfaces and Paul Levesque has more of a focus, and an interest, in building heels.” No names were offered as to which wrestlers backed Vince’s return to the ring.

Vince McMahon informed the whole WWE that Triple H is solely responsible for creative

Despite rumors and conjecture about WWE chairman Vince McMahon’s influence on creative choices, WWE president Nick Khan stated this week that McMahon regards Triple H as the undisputed creative boss. During an appearance on LightShed Live (h/t Steve Carrier of Ringside News), Khan stated that McMahon wrote a company-wide email declaring that Triple H is the “sole Chief Creative Officer, and that McMahon himself would not be seeking input on creative decisions.”

Khan added the condition that McMahon and Triple H have a long working relationship, which means Triple H may seek McMahon’s guidance and experience at any moment. McMahon stepped down as WWE chairman, CEO, and creative director last summer after a board of directors investigation revealed that he paid millions of dollars to many women to cover up claims of sexual harassment and adultery.

After McMahon retired, Triple H took over as creative director, and WWE has been on a tear ever since, consistently delivering a stronger product and shattering ticket-sale and revenue records.

McMahon returned to WWE as chairman in January to oversee a prospective sale of the company, and Endeavour Group Holdings acquired 51 percent of WWE and combined it with UFC into a single company last week.

WWE held Raw in Los Angeles the night following WrestleMania 39 on the same day the sale was revealed. The episode was heavily criticized for its lack of shocks and fragmented scheduling.

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