5 WWE couples who cheated on their partner

WWE wrestlers have occasionally cheated on their spouses. Infidelity hurts their lives, especially when it happens in front of the public.

Edge and Vickie Guerrero in a file photo (Image credits: Twitter)
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Superstars’ private lives are distinct from those of WWE’s larger-than-life characters. At its core, professional wrestling is a wrestling-based soap opera. WWE has a wide range of plots to keep its audience engaged, including tales involving romance gone wrong, much like other soap operas do. The lives of wrestlers have occasionally included cheating on their spouses. Infidelity hurts their lives, especially when it happens in front of the public. Since their partners can’t hide from admirers, these celebrities perform every week on television. However, occasionally the romances of couples are cut short because of original choices or actual issues.  

Vickie Guerrero

After the passing of her late, famous husband Eddie Guerrero, Vickie Guerrero established a reputation as one of the most despised heel authority figures in WWE history. According to reports, her relationship with ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ Edge was one of the most notable aspects of her time in the WWE, and they have previously been on our list. Vickie Guerrero and Big Show were seen kissing in her workplace all while Edge had been in the shower in the days preceding Wrestlemania 25. While Edge, Vickie, and Big Show were in the ring during the broadcast, Vickie could be seen crying and Edge was clearly furious.

Seth Rollins 

Seth Rollins was recently named the greatest pro wrestler in the organization. The chance to compete at WrestleMania this year was lost for him. In his private life, he has allegedly engaged in some scandalous behavior. In retaliation, his ex-fiancée Leighla Schultz posted a photograph of Seth Rollins in his pants. NXT Diva Zahara Schreiber was rumored to be involved in an affair with him at the time of the incident. Seth Rollins had an alleged affair with his former fiancée Zahara Schreiber, which caused controversy. 

Vince McMahon

According to reports early in 2001, Vince McMahon began a romantic relationship with Trish Stratus. When Vince approached Linda for a divorce on a SmackDown programme, Linda had a breakdown and ended up in an institution. This storyline, which was one of the biggest of the year, culminated in a bout between Shane and Vince with Stratus and Linda McMahon at ringside at Wrestlemania 17. Trish was repeatedly humiliated by Vince in the days before Wrestlemania X-7 in an effort to “test her loyalty.” During the battle, Vince received a smack from Trish, ending their romance. In order to assist her son Shane in winning the match, Linda then emerged from her “comatose” state during the match.

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Triple H

Before leaving the room crying, Stephanie yelled and flung objects at Triple H. There was suggestive innuendo, regardless of whether something would have transpired between Triple H and Trish Stratus if Stphanie hadn’t entered the room.


Vickie Guerrero and Edge are yet again on the list, and this time Edge allegedly cheated on Vickie. In a 2008 episode of Raw, Triple H made an appearance to interrupt Edge and Vickie Guerrero’s wedding ceremony. When Triple H said that he had gifts for the newlyweds, he really showed a video of Edge kissing Alicia Fox, Vickie’s wedding coordinator, the day before the wedding. After the tape was shown, Vickie lost her mind in her wedding dress, while Alicia and Edge hung their heads in shame. Vickie yelled at Edge as he wriggled out of the arena to close the session.

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