Manchester United news: What was Marouane Fellaini’s worst season in his career?

After joining from Everton, Fellaini was unable to replicate the success from his previous club and had a mediocre season just like most of his teammates.

Marouane Fellaini in a file photo; Credit: Twitter@BelRedDevils
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A lot has not gone right for Manchester United since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement at the end of the 2012-13 season. The club had many managers since and has signed a host of players by splashing big money in the transfer market but with little success. Even though United won a few domestic cups and a Europa League, they were unable to challenge for the major trophies on a consistent basis like some of their rivals are able to do.

It all started going down south in the 2013-14 campaign when David Moyes was appointed to replace Sir Alex Ferguson. Nothing went right in that campaign with the club finishing too far behind the Champions League places. Marouane Fellaini was the first signing Manchester United had made in post-Sir Alex era. After joining from Everton, Fellaini was unable to replicate the form of his previous club and had a mediocre season just like most of his teammates.

What was Marouane Fellaini’s worst season?

“The first year at Manchester United was very difficult for me because, like you said, I was the first signing after the era of [Sir Alex] Ferguson and it was not easy. I’m honest and I always said that the first year was very difficult for me, but for the team too. We did a bad season, you know?” Fellaini, who played for the club from 2013 to 2019, told UTD Podcast recently.

He added: “It was a nightmare one for a few months. It was not easy at all and, when you are in this situation as well, mentally it’s not good, it’s not easy. I played five years for Everton, doing very well [and getting] respect from everybody. Then you go to a big club and mentally it’s difficult, as your football is not the same. You know, for me, it was the worst [season] in my career, my first year in Manchester. Mentally, too.”

Louis van Gaal came next to replace Moyes and under him, the Belgian player started to rediscover his form. Although he had to wait patiently for his turn that year. “After that [first season], it was much, much better. I knew my teammates. I knew the club, I knew how to work with this situation and I think, for the last four-and-a-half years, I did a good job. I would never criticise David Moyes because he gave me my chance in England: I played under him nearly every game [at Everton],” he explained.

The former midfielder added: “When Van Gaal arrived, it was a new change. He didn’t know English football, he didn’t know certain players and he didn’t know me too. I had to train harder to prove to him that he could count on me and that’s what I did. When he arrived, he said to me: ‘I don’t count on you. You are my third, fourth, fifth choice’ and I said to him: ‘No problem, I’ll get training. In my head, I was saying: ‘Let’s train and we will see in the end what happens.’ After that, [within] one week, 10 days, maximum two weeks, I started to play.”

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