Dota 2: Five best heroes to raise MMR as an offlaner

The offlane has seen many changes over the years, both in terms of the heroes that are played there and how they are played.

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Ahead of highlighting specific heroes in Dota 2, we need to explain what a hero truly needs to be good for raising MMR on the offlane. The offlane has seen many changes over the years, both in terms of the heroes that are played there and how they are played. Offlane roles in the current meta often provide frontline, control, lane presence, and a way to control the tempo in the midgame, whether through pushing, ganking, or another method.

However, given the uncoordinated nature of pub games, we must consider another option. The hero’s ability to scale into the late game. Because uncoordinated teams have a much more difficult time ending games, many ranked games last far longer than they should. As a result, a good offlane hero must also be able to scale into the later stages of the game.

Five best heroes to raise MMR as an offlaner in Dota 2



Oglodi, the axe-wielding hero, has always been one of Dota 2’s most recognisable characters. A hero who, thanks to his Counter Helix ability, is a nightmare for most melee heroes. This hero allows you to completely dominate the laning stage if you get a good matchup. Get a vanguard and you’ll be nearly impossible to kill for the first twenty minutes. Get a blink and you’ll be able to gank nonstop while maintaining a high tempo. Just be cautious in the late game, as a blink call could result in your death because you are no longer tanky enough to take the punishment from those farmed agility carries.

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While your laning may be a little awkward, our magnetic rhinoceros pal is an excellent choice for the offlane. To escape during the laning stage, simply play it safe and use skewers. After that, you’ll be able to obtain that blink and provide your other cores with the best game they’ve ever had. Empower your carry to insane levels of power, find pick offs with blink skewers, and completely dominate any teamfight with some good ultimates. For at any point in the game, you can land that divine Reverse Polarity, which will win you the game.


Centaur Warrunner.

The centaur warrunner is simple and effective, similar to Axe but generally more reliable. From lvl one, you are literally the tankiest hero in the game, allowing you to bully any lane opponent. You’re a great midgame frontline hero who can pack a punch with some blink, stomp, and double edge combos. All while providing your team with the incredible mobility of a stampede that is effective and reliable at any stage of the game.

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Dark Seer.

He appears ridiculous, but he is extremely effective. Dark Seer’s laning stage has been heavily nerfed, with reduced damage on his Ion Shell. However, if you make it through this section, you will be one of the most powerful heroes in the game. At the same time, push out lanes with Ion Shells and direct your team across the map to pressure towers. Force your opponents to split up while teamfighting against a swarm of heroes who gain extra health, deal aoe damage around them, and move at maximum speed. Not to mention the grave danger that a Vacuum Wall combo represents. Dark Seer is the undisputed king of teamfights.



You may not be afraid of spiders in general, but Broodmother may persuade you otherwise. Although this hero is difficult to master due to the micro involved in controlling the spiderlings, you will be rewarded with many victories if you do. Exceptional mobility, regeneration, and ability to trade hits while laning. Farming prowess, damage output, and constant pressure in the mid game. In the late game, scaling into a full-fledged damage-dealing core. This spider can do it all and does it well. Whatever it takes to secure your MMR points, from team fighting with greaves and a pipe to solo killing with an orchid.

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