Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 7th Anniversary Event Revealed, Rewards, Skins, and Nolan Hero Introduction

On September 19, 2023, a pre-registration event will mark the beginning of the Mobile Legends 7th Anniversary event.

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By Naman Alok | Sep 15, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 7th Anniversary event has been revealed. Players can excitedly anticipate the numerous thrilling rewards and activities that this spectacular delivers. All players that take part in the Mobile Legends Anniversary 2023 event will be given an exclusive skin for the brave hero Johnson as a token of appreciation. The new assassin hero, Nolan, is scheduled to make his debut during the celebrations, which might significantly alter the meta of the game. This will heighten the excitement. A captivating pre-registration campaign that will reward players with exclusive prizes like emotes, avatar borders, Emblem Packs, and much more has also been planned ahead of the start of the Mobile Legends 7th Anniversary event. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 7th Anniversary Event Revealed, Rewards, Skins, and Nolan Hero Introduction

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 7th Anniversary 2023 Event Date and more

On September 19, 2023, a pre-registration event will mark the beginning of the Mobile Legends 7th Anniversary event. On September 30th, more exhilarating content, including the Johnson 2023 Birthday skin, will be released.

Mobile Legends 7th Anniversary Event: A Closer Look

MLBB 2023 Birthday Rewards

Players can engage in a variety of activities to earn a fantastic array of rewards, including:

  • 2023 Anniversary Johnson Skin
  • 7th Anniversary Avatar Border
  • Event-Exclusive Kill Notification
  • Event-Exclusive Emotes
  • One Permanent Hero (Select from Five Options)
  • 2022 Special Harley Skin

Between September 30 and October 22, 2023, you can win these anniversary prizes. Players must actively participate in the “To The Stars!” event where they must accomplish different stages of the Johnson mini-game in order to obtain these rewards. By resolving a series of riddles distributed across 28 stages, divided into four exciting chapters, you can direct the vehicle to the finish line. Between October 4 and October 7, a new chapter will become available. In order to receive the 2023 anniversary gifts, players must collect anniversary coin awards from the challenge.

A pre-register event that starts on September 19th, 2023 will also allow players to earn additional incentives, such as up to 2x Small Emblem Packs and a 7th Anniversary Emote Trial Card (3-Days), for promoting the event on their social media pages. Each player has the option to establish a unique sharing code that may be used by others to access these great benefits.

Introducing the New MLBB Hero – Nolan

During the Mobile Legends Anniversary 2023 event, a new assassin hero named Nolan will be introduced. While Nolan’s abilities are currently exclusive to the advanced server, here’s a sneak peek at what players can expect from this upcoming hero:

  • Skill 1 – Expansion: Nolan wields a cutting-edge skill, creating a rectangular area in front of him, dealing Physical Damage, and leaving a rift upon striking the first enemy.
  • Skill 2 – Gauge: Nolan charges forward with precision, slashing enemies in his path, and inflicting Physical Damage while leaving rifts behind.
  • Ultimate – Fracture: Nolan rids himself of all debuffs and launches a barrage of three slashes at the target location. Each slash deals Physical Damage and leaves behind three rifts. These rifts automatically detonate as Nolan gracefully dashes backward.
  • Passive – Dimensional Rift: Nolan’s skills possess the unique ability to cut through dimensional planes, slowing enemies with the rifts they leave behind. When two rifts intersect, they activate, pulling enemies toward their center before exploding and causing Physical Damage after a brief delay. With each rift explosion hitting an enemy hero or Creep, Nolan gains Energy. Furthermore, if Nolan refrains from dealing or receiving damage from non-Minion or non-Creep units for a set period, his next Basic Attack becomes a dynamic dash towards the target, delivering Physical Damage and creating yet another rift.

There are many reasons for players to be thrilled about the Mobile Legends 7th Anniversary event and the addition of Nolan. Mark your calendars and get ready to go on an amazing gaming adventure that will bring you fascinating rewards, unique skins, and the appearance of a powerful new hero. This anniversary event for Mobile Legends is going to be unlike any other because it continues to change the mobile gaming experience.

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