Dota 2: Which Dragon's Blood will be the new hero?

Fans have had their fill of top-tier Dota at the Major and lorebombs left and right in Dragon's Blood, so they are waiting for Patch 7.29.

Marci from Dragon's Blood. (Image: Twitter)
By Nilavro Ghosh | Dec 2, 2021 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

It’s time to return to one of the Dota 2 community’s favourite pastimes: predicting the newest Dota 2 hero.

We’ve had our fill of top-tier Dota at the Major and lorebombs left and right in Dragon’s Blood, so we’re all waiting for Patch 7.29 with bated breath. The new hero is unquestionably the highlight of the upcoming update. Let’s take a look at some of the characters from the show who might make an appearance in the game.

Which Dragon’s Blood will be the new hero in DOTA 2?


Marci from Dragon’s Blood.

Marci’s position at the top of the list should come as no surprise. Mirana’s mute sidekick has quietly established herself as the community’s absolute favourite. Throughout the series, she has demonstrated some serious martial arts skills as well as a variety of expressions that have won her fans over. While her abilities were not clearly demonstrated in the animation, her fighting style has the potential to fill a gap in Dota 2’s hero roster.

According to the amount of fanart surrounding Marci, Valve can do no wrong as long as she appears in some capacity in Dota 2. And if you’re worried about a lack of voicelines, her whistling abilities are on par with Phoenix’s squawks or Io’s beeps, so we’ve got that covered.


Fymryn from Dragon’s Blood.

As one of the series’ protagonists, Fymryn is also one of the top candidates for inclusion in Dota 2. Her chances of success appear to be quite high at first glance, as she demonstrated several abilities in the animation that could easily be translated into actual skills in the game. For Dota 2 players, illusions, shapeshifting, some form of invisibility, and a rapid chain of attacks are nothing new.

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The familiarity of her abilities, on the other hand, may indicate that she will not make it to Dota 2, as there are already a plethora of heroes with these abilities in some capacity. Her connection to the former Moon Goddess Mene, on the other hand, could be used to create a more unique skill set for her.


Selemene from Dragon’s Blood.

The goddess Selemene is another strong contender for the role of Dota 2’s newest hero. Long-time players will recognise her name because she appears frequently in Luna and Mirana’s voice lines in the game. However, it was always unclear who and what Selemene is until the series brought her to the forefront. Throughout Dragon’s Blood, we not only learn about her previous relationship with Invoker, but we also see a variety of spells and abilities that the Goddess employs. In her fight against Terrorblade in the season finale, she uses mind-control or brainwashing in addition to more direct spells.


Kaden from Dragon’s Blood.

The legendary Dragon Knight, a certified badass and Davion’s mentor in Dragon’s Blood, could also be an intriguing addition to the Dota 2 cast. While the Netflix series introduced us to Kaden for the first time, he had already appeared in Dota 2’s Autobattler: Underlords. One of the items there is his sword, which deals damage based on his opponent’s health. This is a fact that is explicitly mentioned in the series during his confrontation with Slyrak in episode 4.

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