Rick Rude vs The Ultimate Warrior and other rivalries in WWE

Here’s a look back at some of Rick Rude’s most memorable WWE rivalries.

The Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude in a file phott [Image-WWE.com]
By Blesson Daniel | May 11, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The “Ravishing” Rick Rude was a very great wrestler who had given many great matches in his career. Some of his matches are proclaimed as some of the greatest. Though his life was short, he did absolutely everything right in his life, for even though he is no more he is still remembered and is recognized among the legends as one of the greatest. Being one of the greatest hell in the industry Rick Rude just knew what he had to do. He is been a World Champion but never in WWE but his work and craft were even worth more than some championship gold. So, here we will remember The great Rick Rude and the greatest rivalries of his career while in WWE.

Roddy Piper

Roddy Piper thrived in both the face and heel positions during his WWE stint. Because both men were noted for their character performances, Piper got into a fight with Rick Rude. Following Rude’s defeat, because Piper prevented him from cheating, they developed a personal rivalry. Piper and Rude led their respective teams in Survivor Series 1989 to resume the animosity in a big way. Piper usually won the singles battles between the two as the nice guy and WWE’s greater overall star.

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Jake Roberts

Rick Rude’s ladies’ man character saw him frequently attempting to get into his opponents’ heads. Rude began making moves toward Jake Roberts’ wife Cheryl Roberts during his face run, and Jake Roberts felt it the most. When Rude airbrushed Cheryl’s face on his tights for the ultimate disrespect, his heelworkwork reached new highs). Standing up for his family and prospering on the face side of things, Roberts showed amazing intensity. Roberts pinned Rude during a conventional elimination tag match at Survivor Series 1988, bringing the rivalry to a close.

The Ultimate Warrior

Due of his limits and terrible attitude, The Ultimate Warrior‘s illustrious career is remembered with a divided reception. Rick Rude deserves a lot of credit for being the wrestler that led Warrior to a number of good bouts throughout their feud. Warrior and Rude originally feuded over the Intercontinental Championship, which they exchanged back and forth. Warrior’s WWE Championship reign peaked with his re-emergence feud with Rude. Warrior had two of his finest matches of his career versus Rude at back-to-back SummerSlam events. Most wrestlers thought Rude was hauling Warrior about in the ring because his bouts were so bad.