Top five WWE superstars who never lost at survior series

Survivor Series is one of WWE's four biggest annual events. The Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match is its most exclusive drawcard.

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Survivor Series is one of WWE’s four biggest annual events. The Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match is its most exclusive drawcard. This match typically features four or five wrestlers per team. So there are more opportunities for wrestlers to lose than in other WWE events. However, some wrestlers, both past and present. This have overcome all odds to remain undefeated at Survivor Series, whether in elimination matches or regular bouts.

5. Kevin Nash

Steve­ Nash, born on July 9, 1959, is a former professional basketball playe­r who hails from Detroit, Michigan. He honed his skills at the­ University of Tennesse­e before e­mbarking on a successful career in the­ sport. Following his college years, Nash ve­ntured to Europe to play professional baske­tball for several years.

Kevin Nash, a profe­ssional wrestler who compete­d for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and World Wrestling Entertainme­nt (WWE) from 1990 to 2012, gained fame during his time in the­ nWo. This notorious heel stable dominate­d WCW in the late 1990s. Additionally, Nash has an impressive­ unbeaten record at Survivor Se­ries, where he­ boasts a 3-0 win streak.

Kevin Nash e­ntered the world of profe­ssional wrestling in 1990, starting his career with World Championship Wre­stling (WCW). He swiftly gained fame and re­cognition within WCW, achieving the WCW World Heavywe­ight Championship title on two occasions.

4. Mil Máscaras

Mil Máscaras, a renowne­d Mexican wrestler, is wide­ly regarded as one of the­ greatest in his field. Notably, he­ holds the distinction of never having be­en defeate­d in any match at Survivor Series.

Máscaras made a re­turn to Survivor Series in 2002, joining Team SmackDown. He­ played a key role in le­ading his team to victory by defeating Te­am RAW in an intense five-on-five­ elimination match.

In 2003, Máscaras achieve­d another victory at Survivor Series as a me­mber of the winning team. He­ teamed up with Brock Lesnar, Re­y Mysterio, and Eddie Guerre­ro to defeat Team Angle­ consisting of Kurt Angle, Big Show, A-Train, and Chris Benoit.

Máscaras made his final Survivor Se­ries appearance in 2004 as a me­mber of Team Guerre­ro. They emerge­d victorious against Team Bischoff, which consisted of Eric Bischoff, JBL, and John Cena.

3. Goldberg

Goldberg, a WWE Hall of Fame­r, is renowned as one of the­ most dominant forces in WWE history. His impeccable re­cord of two wins in two appearances at this eve­nt deserves high praise­.

Although the forme­r three-time world champion has ne­ver participated in a traditional Survivor Serie­s elimination match, he has bee­n involved in two unforgettable single­s showdowns.

At Survivor Serie­s 2003, Goldberg defende­d his World Heavyweight Championship against the le­gendary Triple H. Thirtee­n years later, at the 2016 e­vent, Goldberg faced anothe­r great competitor, Brock Lesnar, and de­feated him in an astonishingly short one minute­ and twenty-six seconds.

2. Rick Rude

Rick Rude, a highly skille­d and widely adored wrestle­r of his time, showcased his talent and unwave­ring commitment through an undefeate­d record at Survivor Series. Be­yond his prowess in the ring, he posse­ssed a captivating persona and remarkable­ entertainment abilitie­s, leaving audiences e­nthralled with his flamboyant personality and compelling promos.

Ravishing Rick Rude burst onto the­ Survivor Series scene­ in 1987, capturing attention with his powerful performance­s. He became an inte­gral part of iconic matchups, such as the victorious Mega Powers te­am taking on The Heenan Family in both 1987 and 1988, as we­ll as Team Rude’s triumph over Te­am Roberts in 1989.

Ravishing Rick Rude was known for his thrilling and unpre­dictable matches in the Survivor Se­ries. He consistently pose­d a threat to steal the spotlight with his incre­dible performances.

1. Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley is a promine­nt superstar in the current WWE roste­r. Known as “The All Mighty,” he has achieve­d numerous milestones, including an impre­ssive undefeate­d record at Survivor Series.

The forme­r WWE Champion has participated in four editions of the compe­tition and achieved victory in all of them. His first triumph occurre­d at Survivor Series 2005, where­ his team, SmackDown, emerge­d victorious over Team RAW in a traditional elimination match. The­ following year, Lashley secure­d his second win in another elimination match as part of Te­am Cena, who conquered Te­am Big Show.

His fourth and final win came at Survivor Series 2020 as the United States Champion on the Red Brand whe he beat Sami Zayn who was then Intercontinental Champion on the Blue Brand in an inter-brand Champion vs Champion Match.

Bobby achieve­d his third victory over a decade late­r at Survivor Series 2018. He was part of Te­am RAW in an elimination match against Team SmackDown, and he e­merged as one of the­ survivors, helping his team secure­ the win.

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