Who is Tijana Boskovic‘s husband, Djorde Orestijevic?

Tijana is presently dating her long-time boyfriend Dorde Orestijevic who is a software engineer based in Serbia.

Djordje Orestijevic & Tijana Boskovic (image credits: coti_18/instagram)
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The stature of the Serbian spiker has increased many-fold in recent years. Everyone remembers the back-to-back performance that the Serbian team have given in the Rio and Tokyo Olympics. Although it did not cross the threshold to win the Gold medal it surely did win the hearts. One of the important orchestrators of this immaculate performance of the Serbian team has been Tijana Boskovic. Boskovic has been a vital cog for the team in both the Olympic campaigns i.e. Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.

Tijana Bošković is a Serbian professional volleyball player of the Serbia women’s national volleyball team. She won gold with the national team at the 2018 World Championship, the 2022 World Championship, the 2017 European Championship, and the 2019 European Championship. Boskovic is a two-time Olympic medalist. She won silver at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and bronze at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Although her last Olympics exploits were not that great, however, Rio was something that the whole Serbian nation would be proud of. The team eventually lost China but Boskovic’s exploits lifted the team of Serbia in the women’s volleyball. Besides, the national team Boskovic currently plays for Eczacıbaşı VitrA at the club level in Turkey.

Interestingly Boskovic began her sports career with karate. She quit karate due to her tall stature and not being very prone to this sport. She found herself playing volleyball and basketball when it became clear that she would grow to be tall. One day she went to watch her older sister play volleyball and decided to become a volleyball player. She started playing volleyball during her primary school and she won three championships with her school team. However, it’s not the volleyball story that intrigues people rather it’s her dating life with Dorde Orestijevic that has caught the public eye.

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Who is Tijana Boskovic’s husband?

Tijana is presently dating her long-time boyfriend Djorde Orestijevic. Dorde is a software engineer based in Serbia. However, the specific details of that relationships are not there as per reports. Nevertheless, it can be said that Dorde is currently working for Comtrade System Integration. The company is an IT firm based in Serbia. Inside Comtrade System Integration where Djorde is presently working as a QA Automation Engineer.

Does Tijana Boskovic have a child?

Boskovic and Dorde do not have any children as of now as per reports.

Know everything about Djorde Orestijevic

Currently, the Serbian volleyball player is in a relationship. From various reports and her social media account, it can be said that she is dating her long-time boyfriend Djorde Orestijevic. However, the start of the relationship and its intricate details cannot be ascribed from the online reports. It seems that both of them have been able to keep their life quite private. Apart from her relationship, Boskovic spends most of her time perfecting her art of volleyball in the gym. Her main focus in mind right now is to win the ongoing nations league.

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