FIVB Volleyball Men's U21 World Championship 2023: LIVE Streaming, When and Where to watch, Schedule, and more

A total of 16 international teams will be competing in the FIVB Volleyball Men's U21 World Championship 2023.

Egypt claimed the 13th position at the FIVB Volleyball Men's U21 World Championship 2021 (Image Credits - Volleyball World)
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The Men’s U21 World Championship for Volleyball 2023, governed by the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), will be held from July 7 to July 16, 2023 in Manama, Bahrain. The 22nd edition of the FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship will feature the world’s premier junior men’s volleyball teams of players aged 21 and under. Italy is the defending champion having won against Russia in the 2021 edition.

A total of 16 international teams will be competing in the FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship 2023. These squads will initially be divided into four separate groups – A, B, C, and D, with each group comprising four teams. They will participate in a round-robin format within their respective groups. Based on the outcomes, the top two teams from each initial group will proceed to two additional groups (E and F). Meanwhile, the teams ranking lower in the first round will also be regrouped into two additional pools (G and H).

In the subsequent stage, the teams in groups E and F that beat the rest will advance to the semifinals and finals. The teams that lose will engage in a playoff to determine the 5th to 8th positions. From groups G and H, the winners will compete for the 9th to 12th places, while the remaining teams will participate in a playoff to secure ranks between the 13th and 16th positions.

Which nations are participating in the championship?

Argentina, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czechia, Egypt, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Thailand, Tunisia, United States.

Schedule for the Competition

July 7, 2023

11:00: India vs. Poland (Pool C)
11:00: Mexico vs. Italy (Pool B)
14:00: Egypt vs. Brazil (Pool B)
14:00: Canada vs. Bulgaria (Pool C)
17:00: Thailand vs. Iran (Pool A)
17:00: United States vs. Argentina (Pool D)
20:00: Tunisia vs. Bahrain (Pool A)
20:00: Czech Republic vs. Belgium (Pool D)

July 8, 2023

11:00: Egypt vs. Italy (Pool B)
11:00: Canada vs. Poland (Pool C)
14:00: Brazil vs. Mexico (Pool B)
14:00: Bulgaria vs. India (Pool C)
17:00: Iran vs. Tunisia (Pool A)
17:00: Czech Republic vs. Argentina (Pool D)
20:00: Bahrain vs. Thailand (Pool A)
20:00: Belgium vs. United States (Pool D)

July 9, 2023

11:00: Brazil vs. Italy (Pool B)
11:00: Bulgaria vs. Poland (Pool C)
14:00: Mexico vs. Egypt (Pool B)
14:00: India vs. Canada (Pool C)
17:00: Tunisia vs. Thailand (Pool A)
17:00: Belgium vs. Argentina (Pool D)
20:00: Iran vs. Bahrain (Pool A)
20:00: United States vs. Czech Republic (Pool D)

July 11, 12 and 13, 2023

TBD: Semi-finals (Pool E & F)
TBD: 5th-8th semi-finals (Pool E & F)
TBD: 9th–12th semifinals (Pool G & H)
TBD: 13th–16th semifinals (Pool G & H)

July 15, 2023

TBD: 13th–16th semifinals
TBD: 9th–12th semifinals
TBD: 5th–8th semifinals
TBD: Semi-Finals

July 16, 2023

TBD: 13th place match
TBD: 15th place match
TBD: 9th place match
TBD: 11th place match
TBD: 5th place match
TBD: 7th place match
TBD: 3rd place match
TBD: Final

How to watch the FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship 2023?

One can watch the FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship 2023 on Volleyball World. For the subscription, one has to pay $3.99 per month to watch the live action of FIVB Volleyball Women’s Nations League 2023.

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