UFC news: Dustin Poirier accepts Colby Covington's challenge for a fight

Despite earlier discounting the possibility of fighting Covington, Poirier now appears to be open to the possibility.

Dustin Poirier in a file photo [[email protected]]

Dustin Poirier has accepted former colleague Colby Covington’s challenge at UFC 272. Following his unanimous decision victory against Jorge Masvidal in March’s pay-per-view event in Las Vegas, Covington called out Poirier.

Covington said, “That fight needs to happen. He’s talked too reckless in the media, he’s said ‘it’s on sight’ and the last time he was talking to you clickbait merchants he was saying ‘oh I’m not gonna fight Colby in the Octagon where there’s finances on the line, I’m gonna fight him in the streets and we’re both gonna go to jail’. It’s funny, it’s very ironic because he talks about being a family guy, a good guy, but he wants to fight me in the streets and potentially go away from his family. Dustin Poirier has all these stipulations to fight me, I just have one stipulation – my one stipulation is he lets the world watch and enjoy themselves.”

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Dustin Poirier takes it on Twitter

Poirier (28-7 MMA) first disregarded Covington’s request, advising him to fight a welterweight contender instead, but he has now changed his mind. On Friday evening, ‘The Diamond’ rushed to Twitter to accept Colby’s offer to fight, setting UFC 277 on July 30th as the battle date. Dustin Poirier hasn’t fought since losing to Charles Oliveira in the third round of UFC 269 by submission. The UFC’s decision on whether or not to schedule the Poirier vs. Covington grudge battle remains to be seen.

Covington vs Poirier

Poirier has been connected to a bout with Nate Diaz in the past, but the UFC appears to have abandoned that concept. Following his defeat to Charles Oliveira at UFC 269, Poirier teased a return to welterweight. Like Masvidal, Covington’s trash talk on Poirier has frequently gotten aggressive and personal. In an interview with Submission Radio, he even mentioned Poirier’s family, accusing Poirier’s daughter of being a “prop.” Following Covington’s UFC 272 announcement, Poirier stated that a fight with him is “on sight” if they happen to cross paths. Since the post-fight scene, Covington’s trash talk has only gotten worse.

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