Korean Zombie's farewell gone wrong, Someone stole his glove

The mixed martial arts world bid a bittersweet farewell to one of its beloved icons at UFC Singapore last month when "Korean Zombie"

Chan Sung Jung in a file photo [Image Credit: Instagram@koreanzombiemma]
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The mixed martial arts world bid a bittersweet farewell to one of its beloved icons at UFC Singapore last month when “Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung stepped into the Octagon for the final time. In a career filled with unforgettable moments, Jung’s retirement was marked by an emotional and poignant ending. However, an unfortunate incident with a fan tarnished what should have been a perfect goodbye.

Korean Zombie’s farewell fight took place against the formidable former featherweight champion Max Holloway. Bout that saw Jung face the challenges of the Octagon one last time. Despite a spirited effort, he was dealt a third-round knockout loss by Holloway. As the final chapter of his storied career unfolded, fans showered Jung with praise and admiration during his last moments in the spotlight.

In a poignant gesture, Korean Zombie removed his gloves, an act that has become a tradition among fighters when they decide to retire from the sport. Placing them on the Octagon floor, he intended to carry those gloves with him as the last pair he’d ever wear as a professional fighter a symbol of his remarkable journey.

Korean Zombie’s farewell gone wrong, Someone stole his glove

However, the heartfelt farewell took an unfortunate turn when an unruly fan in the crowd seized the opportunity to snatch one of the gloves from Jung’s hand. This unexpected incident cast a shadow over what should have been a perfect farewell for the Korean fighter.

Korean Zombie later shared his disappointment about the incident on his YouTube channel. Recounting the moment when a fan disrupted his farewell by taking one of his gloves. He explained how he was walking backstage with the gloves in his left hand intending to keep them as cherished mementos. While engaging with the audience during his exit someone held onto his wrists and took one of the gloves.

His reaction to this unsavory incident was a mixture of disbelief and frustration. He had genuinely wanted to keep those gloves as a lasting memory of his illustrious career. Disheartened by the loss of one glove, he made the decision to throw the other one into the crowd feeling that the experience had been marred.

Chan Sung Jung is known for his remarkable fighting style and indomitable spirit. He had an iconic career that spanned various promotions. He notably challenged for the featherweight title on two separate occasions. Facing the likes of 145-pound legend Jose Aldo and the current reigning champion Alexander Volkanovski.

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