A peek into the UFC President's casino adventures

Over the years, White has gained a reputation for being a heavy gambler with a particular fondness for blackjack.

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UFC President Dana White is no stranger to taking risks both inside and outside the Octagon. Over the years, White has gained a reputation for being a heavy gambler with a particular fondness for blackjack. With a penchant for high-stakes gambling the 54-year-old fight promoter has had his fair share of memorable casino moments. Recently, UFC commentator Joe Rogan shared a story about witnessing White’s gambling prowess during a trip to Las Vegas.

During a podcast episode, Rogan recounted a Las Vegas trip where he joined fellow comedian Shane Gillis to hang out with Dana White. Little did Rogan know that the evening would involve witnessing White’s penchant for high-stakes gambling firsthand.

As the group prepared to hit the casinos, Rogan was warned about White’s gambling habits. “I’m like, ‘Oh my god, do you know how hard he gambles?” Rogan recalled. It didn’t take long for White to showcase his affinity for high-risk wagers.

He was down $600,000 playing blackjack,” Rogan revealed. The staggering amount reflects White’s willingness to bet big and embrace the thrill of the gamble. For some, such a significant loss might signal the end of a night’s entertainment but for White, it appears to be just another chapter in his casino adventures.

A peek into the UFC President’s casino adventures

In fact, Dana White’s love for gambling goes beyond the confines of Las Vegas casinos. A video recently surfaced showing White on vacation at the Amalfi coast where he took his passion for gambling to the next level. Instead of seeking out a local casino, White decided to bring the casino to him, setting up a gambling den on his boat.

The video displays stacks of cash on the table as White enjoys the excitement of gambling while on vacation. “He brought a goddamn casino to his boat,” Rogan exclaimed, highlighting the UFC President’s dedication to his pastime.

While White’s gambling adventures may seem larger than life, they come as no surprise to those familiar with his reputation. He has openly discussed being kicked out of casinos and facing restrictions due to his successful runs at the tables. Some establishments have banned or limited customers they deem too successful in an effort to protect their bottom line.

However, White has found a few Las Vegas havens where he can indulge in his love for high-stakes gambling. According to the UFC President, The Palm, and The Mirage have both kicked him out in the past, while The Wynn will not let him play. The few places that still welcome his sizable wagers include Caesars Palace, the Bellagio, and the Venetian.

White’s gambling escapades have become almost as legendary as the UFC fights he promotes. His willingness to take risks and put it all on the line resonates with his persona as a fierce and relentless businessman. While some may see it as a “sickness,” as Rogan jokingly puts it, White’s passion for gambling is an integral part of who he is.

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