Who is Thomas Muller’s wife? Know everything about Lisa Muller

Thomas Muller is one of the most underrated players around the world. Know everything about his wife Lisa Muller

Thomas Muller and his wife Lisa muller (credit: Instagram @lisa.mueller.official)
By Prashant Agarwal | Mar 5, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Thomas Muller has graced the football world for quite some time now, with his playmaking ability and good positioning. In fact, Muller is very much underrated by football fans across the globe. The German national team has relied a lot on his outputs in crucial matches, especially the victorious campaign of 2014. Also, he has been for a lot of years, a constant fixture in Bayern Munich, his service being of priceless quality.

The stable consistency in his football career may also be connected to his beautiful love life. He has been married to his wife since 2007.

Who is Thomas Muller’s wife, Lisa Muller?

Lisa Muller is a semi-pro equestrian who works on a farm. Her passion for horses is supported by her husband who accompanies her to horse dressage competitions. They have a horse together called Dave who Thomas especially likes to spend time with, feeling especially comfortable around. 

She was born on 23 November 1989. Like a true Sagittarius, she is highly optimistic and feels that life is full of positivity.

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Does Thomas Muller have children?

No. The couple does not have children currently.

Everything you need to know about Lisa Muller

Aside from horses being a very important part of her life, and owning a stable herself, she also centers her life around her family. She is blessed with a great family, whom she values dearly.

She has attained great physical strength, which seems to be crucial criteria for being a dressage rider. Unlike many of the wives or girlfriends of footballers, she didn’t venture into the world of modeling.

She has been with Thomas since 2007 and married him in 2009. They have never seemed any less than the adorable couple that they are.

Her accomplishments as a dressage rider is great too, as she won the silver medal in the Bavarian state under 25 championship in 2014.

Also in November 2019, she won the Stuttgart German Masters and qualified for the German masters, in which she finished third.

Her compassion and understanding of horses and dogs, among many other animals, prove that her heart is made of gold and that she is truly a brilliant person.

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