Warlock Dota 2: Is he the hero worth considering in pubs?

Aside from the current meta's hottest characters, Pubs has a slew of other top-rated heroes to choose from, one of which being Warlock.

Warlock Dota 2: Is he the hero worth considering in pubs?

You probably want to get as much MMR as possible, whether you’re a pro player or just a casual Dota 2 fan. Pub games might be aggravating, but they are a great chance to put your talents to the test. Depending on your skill level, you may have the opportunity to compete against some of the world’s finest players. Warlock Dota 2: Is he the hero worth considering in pubs?

Some players prefer to pick the top heroes in the meta in order to acquire as much MMR as possible. Most Dota 2 players, understandably, concentrate on the mid lane and safe lane, believing that these two lanes will provide them with a better chance of winning. This may be accurate up to a point, but that doesn’t rule out alternative possibilities.

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Aside from the current meta’s hottest characters, Pubs has a slew of other top-rated heroes to choose from, one of which being Warlock. Because he doesn’t have the most thrilling set of abilities, this hero is frequently overlooked. He may, however, be used as a mid laner or a support, making him adaptable. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why this hero can perform miracles in bars.

Warlock Dota 2: Is he the hero worth considering in pubs?

Here are some of the reasons why Warlock is a great pub option.


One of the first and most crucial things to remember about Warlock is that he is an excellent lane support hero. He is a good choice for heroes like Anti-Mage, Phantom Assassin, and other vulnerable carriers because he can heal and harass the enemy hero at any time.

Even though the hero needs to achieve at least a few levels to become more dangerous, he can still be effective if he isn’t level six. At other words, if you’re in a pub and one of your teammates chooses a late-game monster, Warlock is typically a smart choice.

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Warlock is a popular support hero who can help in a variety of scenarios, but he’s also a great mid laner. He is capable of laning against far more hazardous heroes due to his ability to heal himself. Needless to say, he can be extremely dangerous, particularly once he reaches level six.

When it comes to the devil, level six is crucial for this hero because it allows him to use his ultimate. Despite the fact that some people overlook it, Chaotic Offering can make a significant influence at any point in the game. Some Dota 2 players believe that golems do not cause damage, but they may be a nightmare to deal with if given enough time.

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Because Warlock isn’t a physical damage dealer, his primary goal in the mid lane is to obtain levels and assist his team in pushing through the game as quickly as as. To do so, the hero will need to buy things like the Pipe of Insight, Guardian Greaves, and others. They’d let him and his team join team fights and use Warlock’s ultimate to put pressure on the other team.

In other words, if your team’s carry is a hero, such as Anti-Mage or another late-game monster, Warlock is not a smart choice for a core. Warlock is a formidable character, but he isn’t nearly as good late in the game as he is early on. As a result, you should try to complete the game.


People often overlook Warlock’s one powerful spell, Fatal Bounds, which he uses in addition to his heal and ultimate. When he is activated, he can effectively damage multiple troops by damaging just one of them. This may not look like much, but it may be quite useful in team battles, especially if he gets to “capture” numerous heroes with his spell.

Warlock’s Fatal Bonds are particularly efficient when combined with heroes who provide a lot of burst damage, in addition to working well with his ultimate. Lina is a fantastic example because Laguna Blade is one of the game’s highest single-target damage spells.

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Apart from burst heroes, Warlock may also work effectively with heroes who can do massive AoE damage. Invoker and his Chaos Meteor come to mind first, but there are a slew of additional names to consider, like Tinker and Zeus. Unfortunately, because all of those heroes are popular mid laners, Warlock must be used as a support.

If we had to summarise, Warlock is one of Dota 2’s hidden gems when it comes to MMR. He’s a good option in every skill category because he’s simple to play. Even while he can’t exclusively affect the outcome of a team fight, he’s useful early on and late in the game. Before you choose him, make sure to consult with your teammates; it’s critical to choose heroes who operate well together.

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