Dota 2 Timbersaw Guide: What can help Timbersaw become the greatest of all time

Here are a few of the greatest that help Timbersaw stand out in various lineups.

Dota 2 Timbersaw Guide: What can help Timbersaw become the greatest of all time
By Aaryanshi Mohan | Dec 29, 2021 | 4 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Timbersaw is a hero who can deal a lot of damage to characters with a lot of strength. This makes him an excellent choice for some lineups, particularly when a team requires a frontliner. Dota 2 Timbersaw Guide: What can help Timbersaw become the greatest of all time

While this hero has a great deal of potential, he’s also one of the most hardest to master. To put it another way, you’ll need to play a lot until you figure out how to maximise his potential. However, once that occurs, you will undoubtedly gain a significant amount of MMR.

Timbersaw is a hero who, in addition to being tough to master, requires special gear in order to be successful. Regardless of the heroes you’ll be facing, here are some choices you should make in practically every game.

Dota 2 Timbersaw Guide

Here are a few of the greatest that help Timbersaw stand out in various lineups.


The first item on this list is Lotus Orb, which allows Timbersaw to become much more tanky. This item will benefit the hero in addition to delivering additional damage because it can reflect some of the most unpleasant target spells and equipment.

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing this item is that it is far less expensive than the others on this list. This means you’ll be able to get it early on, particularly if you pick the middle lane.

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Bloodstone is one of the must-have equipment for any Timbersaw gamer. Despite being one of the most expensive alternatives on the list, it will allow you to do a lot of damage because it provides you with a lot of mana and HP.

Bloodstone’s mana regen – it supplies a lot — is another feature that makes it a valuable item. Plus, as long as you have low mana and low HP, this is an active item that can benefit you.


Shiva’s Guard is the third item on this list that has the potential to turn Timbersaw into a lethal core hero. This is typically a defensive item that provides a significant amount of armour and mana. Timbesaw, on the other hand, benefits from both, which is why he can utilise this item offensively.

Shiva’s Guard isn’t as costly as Bloodstone, but it’s nevertheless not cheap. This implies you won’t be able to buy it right immediately, especially because you’ll need to get a few other things first.

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Despite the fact that it’s an item individuals buy to survive, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity can be a useful tool in some scenarios. When it comes to survivability, Timbersaw is one of the best heroes, but he needs to obtain some armour first. This is where Eul’s assistance comes in, since this item will provide him with at least a few seconds to work with.

Aside from being defensive, this item can also be used for ganks. Timbersaw, unfortunately, is not one of the game’s heroes with a real disable. That’s why Eul’s can come in in when the hero is trying to set up a kill.

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Due to his strong armour, Timbersaw is one of the greatest heroes against physical damage. Unfortunately, he is particularly vulnerable to magical damage, which is why heroes like Invoker and Lina are effective against him.

Getting an item named Pipe of Insight is the quickest approach to assure that you won’t be burst down in a matter of seconds. Despite its high cost, this item will provide you with a significant amount of passive magical resistance. What’s more astounding is that you can use it to create a protective shield that absorbs magic damage for yourself and your teammates.


Blade Mail is a situational item in Dota 2 that may be quite useful if used appropriately. Although it doesn’t provide much in the way of damage or stats, it does provide Timbersaw the ability to deflect incoming damage and return it to the attackers. In other words, it works well against heroes who do a lot of burst damage.

Blade Mail has a lot of potential, but it’s not something you’ll want to pick up in every game. It may not be worth it because it does not provide a lot of statistics.

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This item is unquestionably one of the best choices for any Timbersaw player, as it effectively provides him a second ultimate. Although it may not appear so on paper, Aghanim’s Scepter greatly boosts the hero’s damage because he can do massive amounts of pure damage. Unfortunately, it makes Timbersaw much more difficult to master because you now have to consider another talent.

Despite the fact that it is a good item, it is not worth purchasing straight away because you will need a huge mana pool. In other words, unless you have a lot of mana to “work” with, you won’t be able to use your second ultimate.


BKB is the last item you can utilise if you choose Timbersaw. Although this is a universal item that works for all heroes, Timber does not benefit from it. It does grant him with certain stats and damage, but it does not provide him with a mana pool or mana regen. That is one of the reasons why BKB is a situational item that should only be purchased when absolutely necessary.

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