Underworld Dreams The False King: Release date, gameplay, and more

Underworld Dreams: The False King is the latest game to be announced for the Nintendo Switch.

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Underworld Dreams: The False King is the latest game to be announced for the Nintendo Switch and there has been a lot of information about this game ahead of its release. Many Nintendo Switch fans are keenly waiting for this new horror game to hit the handheld console.

Drop of Pixel is the firm behind the first-person horror game and if the game manages to impress the gamers then they hope to turn it into a huge gaming franchise. The hype around this game has been huge and players expect Underworld Dreams to be full of thrills and suspense. Here is everything we can expect from Underworld Dreams: The False King.

Launch Date

Unfortunately, there isn’t any official release date as of now; however, it’s likely that the developers will release this game in the Spring of 2022. It was announced in January 2022 with a Nintendo Switch reveal trailer. While it was only 30 seconds long, it managed to excite many players.

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Gameplay footage

Since this first person horror game was announced recently, there is no gameplay footage that has been released as of now. What’s certain is that the game is set in the 1980’s and your character is searching for his lost brother in an abandoned building which could feature a lot of jump scares and other mysteries.

This horror game seems the right fit for the Nintendo Switch needed in 2022, and players hope that it meets all the expectations they have from it. With a seemingly good plot and an impressive trailer, Underworld Dreams: The False King seems like it will be a great game.

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