When is the Next Golden Blitz in Monopoly GO?

Golden Blitz is like a big party in Monopoly GO where players get special chances to complete their sticker collections.

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Players can swap special Gold Stickers with each other to help complete their sticker albums during Monopoly GO’s Golden Blitz events. These events are rare and important because they give players a chance to trade stickers that are hard to find. Players get notifications when a Golden Blitz event is happening so they know it’s time to trade stickers. It is important to trade during these events because they don’t happen often and we don’t know if there will be more in the future. The next Golden Blitz event should be around May 16, according to what Scopely has said. Players can take part in tournaments and other main events to get more Gold Stickers. In the past, Golden Blitz events have had different sets of stickers to trade which helped players finish collecting all the stickers they needed.

What is Golden Blitz?

Golden Blitz is like a big party in Monopoly GO where players get special chances to complete their sticker collections. Players can swap pairs of Gold Stickers which are usually set for each party in this party. These parties usually go on for about a day or a bit more.

How to Participate in Golden Blitz?

To participate in Golden Blitz:

  1. Collect Gold Stickers: You can get Gold Stickers randomly from any Sticker Pack In Monopoly GO. If you pick a pack with a higher star rating, you have a better chance of getting Gold Stickers.
  1. Check Out for Notifications: Since there’s no set schedule for Golden Blitz events and it’s important to keep notifications turned on for Monopoly GO on your device. This way you will receive a message when Golden Blitz is live.

It’s a good idea to swap your extra Gold Stickers during Golden Blitz. People want these stickers and the event doesn’t happen a lot. Trading during Golden Blitz lets you trade duplicates for stickers you need to finish your album.

Golden Blitz events offer a limited opportunity to trade Gold Stickers. Passing up the chance to trade duplicates during the event may result in losing out on their value. There’s no guarantee that a specific Gold Sticker will be featured in future Golden Blitz events. It’s best to take advantage of the opportunity when it arises.

When is the Next Golden Blitz Event?

The next Golden Blitz event in Monopoly GO is expected to take place by May 16, based on the release schedule set by developer Scopely. While this date hasn’t been confirmed yet, it follows the pattern observed in previous events.

To stay updated on Golden Blitz events, bookmark this article. Regular updates will be provided as soon as new information becomes available.

Golden Blitz events don’t follow a set schedule. They become more common as the end date of the album approaches and allows players a better chance to complete their collections before time runs out.

Previous Golden Blitz Events

Here are some examples of previous Golden Blitz events:

  • May 2: Featured stickers were All in! (Set 12) and Daydreams (Set 19).
  • April 25: Featured stickers were Rare Find (Set 14) and La Traviata (Set 21).
  • April 11: Featured stickers were Merch It! (Set 13) and We Did It! (Set 16).

How to Get Gold Stickers

You need Gold Stickers to join Golden Blitz events in Monopoly GO. Here’s how you can get them:

  1. Open Sticker Packs: Gold Stickers can be obtained randomly from any Sticker Pack in Monopoly GO. The odds of receiving Gold Stickers increase with the star rating of the pack.
  1. Participate in Tournaments and Main Events: If you join tournaments and main events, you will have a better shot at getting Gold Stickers.

When you open a One Star Sticker Pack in the Heartfelt Holidays album, there’s a very low chance of getting a super rare five-star Gold Sticker – only 0.005 percent. But if you upgrade to a Four-Star Sticker Pack your chances shoot up to 1.2 percent. It’s a lot more likely to find that special sticker when you open the higher-rated pack.

When you join Golden Blitz events and swap extra Gold Stickers, you can make your Monopoly GO game even better and try to fill up your sticker albums.

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