COD Modern Warfare 3 Reveals Classic Weapon with JAK Wardens Conversion Kit in Latest Update

The JAK Wardens are informative and nostalgic but they haven't been as successful as earlier conversion kits like the one for the Haymaker shotgun.

Credits- COD Modern Warfare 3
By Naman Alok | May 4, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

A popular guns from a previous game is returning in the latest update for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, this is great news for players. A conversion kit known as the JAK Wardens kit transforms one of the a weapon into an extremely powerful shotgun similar to the one from the past. It may be obtained by players through completing certain challenges in the game, the update also includes new game types and maps.

COD Modern Warfare 3 Classic Weapon with JAK Wardens Conversion Kit

Balancing Gameplay, New Collaborations and Bundles

The JAK Wardens are informative and nostalgic but they haven’t been as successful as earlier conversion kits like the one for the Haymaker shotgun. Once the game was balanced and everyone could play equally the Haymaker kit which was originally published as a 60-round powerhouse went through several nerfs.

Modern Warfare 3 has partnered with NBA player Devin Booker for their latest project Modern Warfare 3 alongside of the JAK Wardens. The wide range of replaceable skins and accessories in the game is expanded by this package which is available for 2,400 CoD Points. 

It is expected that Kevin Durant’s package which has been highly expected by fans will soon be available again in-game. The JAK Wardens were added to Modern Warfare 3 along with two new modes and two 6v6 maps in the Season 3 Reloaded update showing the game’s excellent post-launch support. 

MW3 is on track to become one of the most supported games throughout Call of Duty’s Warzone era with about five months remaining in its release window. Players gaming experience is enhanced by the constant release of new weapon kinds made possible by the launch of the conversion kit feature.

The JAK Wardens Conversion Kit and Akimbo Shotguns:

The Week 5 challenge page has five tasks that players must complete for the chance to get the JAK Wardens conversion kit. Once this is completed players can choose the JAK Wardens conversion kit from the gunsmith screen of the Lockwood Mk2.

Players can enjoy an almost perfect recreation of the akimbo Model 1887 shotguns with the JAK Wardens equipped packed with the recognisable firing animation that turns the weapons with every shot. The JAK Wardens, on the other hand offer shotgun fans an exciting option without crushing the game in contrast to the original Model 1887s in MW2 which were broken.

Bug Fixes:

Although the JAK Wardens were a big deal players found that shooting both shotguns at once lead to inaccurate bullet travel due to a fault. But the Call of Duty developers showed their dedication to maintain the quality and balance of the game by quickly fixing this problem with a hotfix that was made available on May 3. 

A future bug patch is expected as well to address an annoying Warzone problem where users of Automatic Tactical Sprint experience frequent reload cancellations.

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