Helldivers 2 Leak: Planet Meridia Faces Destruction by a New Device

Players band together in an effort to save the galaxy from approaching destruction with rewards ranging from rare Medals to crucial Requisition Slips.

Credits- Helldivers 2
By Naman Alok | May 4, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

According to sources Helldivers 2 will have major updates, Meridia planet may be destroyed by a new device that uses Dark Fluid. Players are going to fight in deadly battles with creatures that like bugs on multiple types of planets. The leak from IronS1ghts points to a critical mission using the item and rumours about what might happen next is common in the community discussions. 

A new Major Order in Helldivers 2 challenges players to save planets affected by bugs in exchange they can earn medals and requisition slips. The main obstacles that boost game growth and community participation are known as Major Orders.

Helldivers 2 Leaked New Device, Major Orders and Community Response

The community of Helldivers 2 is united by the declaration of a new Major Order, this project which gives players the huge challenge of releasing planets under the control of bugs signals the beginning of a group effort to stop the spread of the Terminid threat. 

Players band together in an effort to save the galaxy from approaching destruction with rewards ranging from rare Medals to crucial Requisition Slips. Major Orders are essential to Helldivers 2 and act as triggers for neighborhood-based projects, players are forced by these strategic difficulties to band together in opposition to the coming threats posed by Automaton and Terminid enemies. 

Every Major Order offers players the chance to collect priceless resources and improve their weapons to prepare for upcoming battles as the Galactic War battles on. This leak which comes from the reliable source IronS1ghts suggests that the game’s plot will take an unexpected turn when players are required to use a gadget powered by the mysterious Dark Fluid. 

This terrible device claimed crucial to a future mission is required to save Meridia from its terrible destiny. Players are prepared to trigger the device in an attempt to save the planet facing the terrible consequences of a major incident.

Mystery of Meridia and Other Details about Major Order

Once a wealthy world Meridia is now under constant attack from Terminid monsters. The whole planet has been turned into a giant colony and players must fight their way through waves of opponents while dealing with unique environmental challenges. From the deadly Bile Titans to the elusive Stalkers every enemy is an incredible obstacle in the struggle for survival.

Players are discussing the consequences of the upcoming Major Order in great detail on communities and social media. There are plenty of theories spreading from massive battles with Hive Lords to the possibility of damage to the environment on other worlds. Players are waiting for further information about what will happen to Meridia and what challenges are ahead and the suspense grows.

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