Clash Of Clans battle machine: Everything you should know

Battle Machine is a hero that is under control of the Master Builder who lives in the Builder Hall.

credit: Clash of Clans
By Aaryanshi Mohan | Oct 31, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Clash of Clans players are familiar with the concept of heroes. Supercell has introduced players to four heroes in the Home Village over the years. When Builder Base first came out in May 2017, they brought the first and only hero available in the Builder Base: Battle Machine.

Battle Machine is a hero that is under the control of the Master Builder who lives in the Builder Hall. Here we have mentioned the Battle Machine and how to unlock it.

A look at Battle Machine in Clash of Clans

The description of Battle Machine in the game reads: “The Master Builder’s prize invention smashes enemy buildings to bits. What better way is there to show who’s the best builder around? Unlock the Electric Hammer ability to give opponents a real pounding!”

It is the only hero that is available in the Builder Base. It is a mighty hero that deals a huge amount of damage to enemy buildings and is also the only hero that can use its ability several times in one attack. Players can unlock this hero once they upgrade their Builder Hall to level 5. Battle Machine is a melee damage type hero with 3600 Hit Points at the base level and 125 damage per second.

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How to unlock Battle Machine?

This hero is single targeting that can be unlocked by rebuilding the Battle Machine altar, which costs 900,000 Builder Elixir. Players will be able to build Battle Machine altar once they manage to reach Builder Hall level 5.

Its ability is known as “Electric Hammer,” which increases its damage for 3 attacks and regenerates its health at the same time. When the ability is active, the hero strikes buildings and enemy troops and inflicts significantly increase damage. Players can unlock its ability once it reaches level 5.

The regeneration time of Battle Machine depends on the amount of damage it takes during an attack. If it survives the attack without taking any damage, it can be used immediately, but the more damage it takes, the regeneration will also be increased.

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