Primogems: How to get 30 Primogems from Genshin Impact web event

Genshin Impact has rolled out a new web event to celebrate one year of Dragonspine map expansion.

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Genshin Impact has rolled out a new web event to celebrate one year of Dragonspine map expansion. miHoYo has also shared details about the game’s latest collaboration in the Alps, one of the real-world locations that inspired Dragonspine’s in-game atmosphere.

As part of the celebration, Val Thorens, Europe’s highest ski resort has been turned into a Genshin Impact-themed destination. Additionally, a new web event has started that encourages players globally to earn a variety of gifts as well as watch the Alps Waypoint Lighting Ceremony that will be live-streamed in mid-January.

How to participate in the web event

Players from across the globe can take part in the “Enchanting Journey of Snow and Stars” web event. Online players can help light up a special Teleport Waypoint in the Alps that can earn them many rewards and souvenir card showing their favorite characters. Genshin Impact players can visit the webpage and follow simple steps to complete the event.

  • Enter the web event
  • Log in using miHoYo account
  • Enter a nickname
  • Select a region
  • Choose a character
  • Click on Create Souvenir Card

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Players will receive the rewards once the event reaches three milestones of 300,000, 600,000, and 1 million participants. Once a milestone is reached, three types of reward packs – 3 Goulash, 20,000 Mora, and 30 Primogems, will unlock respectively.

It’s important to note that each reward above is limited to 3 million in quantity, and players need to claim it manually by visiting the event page within the stipulated period. Additionally, there is another mini-event called “Hang Your Wishes,” where players can note down their wishes in the text box and submit them.

Some wishes will be selected and made into wish cards, which can later be found hung on the Tree of Wishes atop the Alps. The lucky players will also get individual wish card pictures via email by January 15.

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