One Piece Chapter 1050 Theories: Things Fans Are Expected From Luffy vs Kaido

The aftermath of Luffy versus Kaido will have far-reaching consequences. Readers are eager to see how everything turns out.

After the decisive outcome between Luffy and Kaido, the One Piece series will never be the same. The Wano Country arc received a lot of praise, despite the fact that it wasn’t perfect. Readers were treated to legendary flashbacks, epic fight scenes, and shocking revelations about key characters. Having said that, Wano Country has been going on for nearly four years. In the coming months, a change of scenery will be very welcome. The aftermath of Luffy versus Kaido will have far-reaching consequences. Readers are eager to see how everything turns out. One Piece Chapter 1050 Theories: Things Fans Are Expected From Luffy vs Kaido

One Piece Chapter 1050 Theories: Things Fans Are Expected From Luffy vs Kaido

8) A giant celebration

For the past 20 years, Wano Country has been a ruinous wasteland. Kaido forced the citizens to go hungry and suffer in order to build his weapons factories. At this point, Luffy is the only one who can stop him. Many citizens will likely remember Kaido’s defeat as the happiest day of their lives. Wano Country will most likely throw the world’s largest celebration. Fans of One Piece will always appreciate a good party. The Straw Hats, along with their helpful allies, deserve a break from the fighting. It will be the emotional pinnacle of the entire arc.

7) Kaido’s ultimate fate

Fans of One Piece know that Luffy never kills his enemies. However, Kaido must be addressed from a narrative standpoint. If he gets back up, knocking him out won’t help much. The Straw Hat cannot protect Wano Country indefinitely. There are several scenarios that could occur here. Perhaps Kaido will be content with his defeat and declare Luffy the next Joy Boy. He may be willing to give his life against the World Government fleet. Someone like Blackbeard could even kill Kaido. He could also be imprisoned in Seastone chains, either in the Udon or Impel Down facilities. Kaido might lose the will to fight, so he won’t bother with an escape attempt. Oda could dismiss him in a variety of ways. Fans of One Piece can’t wait to see what happens to Kaido.

6) A trip to Elbaf

For a long time, the land of giants has been hyped up. Many One Piece fans are eager to see Elbaf after the Wano Country arc concludes. Oda had high expectations for this kingdom. Big Mom was convinced that if she had the Elbaf army on her side, she could become the Pirate King. Given that she was up against Whitebeard and Roger, this says a lot. Elbaf may also play an important role in Usopp’s character development. Elbaf giants like Brogy and Dorry were always idols to him. Usopp didn’t get much of a chance to shine at Wano Country, so this could be his chance.

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5) The Warlords finally make their move

The World Government has completely abolished the Warlord system. For the first time in years, these pirates will be on the run. Characters such as Boa Hancock and Dracule Mihawk will finally make an appearance. They are not going to be so easily apprehended. Fans of One Piece have been waiting years to see them in action. In a related vein, fans want to see the SSG. They were created to replace the Warlord system and were known as the Special Science Group. In that case, Vegapunk’s most recent creation must be extremely potent.

4) Everybody’s bounties after Wano Country

There’s no way they won’t see a significant bounty increase after everyone’s performance in the Onigashima Raid. Law and Kid, as well as Zoro and Sanji, will most likely be worth billions. Bounties in One Piece indicate a person’s threat level. Naturally, Luffy may end up with the most points in the series. He would not only have awakened a forbidden Devil Fruit, but he would also have defeated the world’s most powerful creature. The question is whether Luffy will outdo Roger’s bounty after Wano Country. Fans of One Piece will be beside themselves with joy. In any case, the government should consider him the number one public enemy.

3) Blackbeard’s next course of action

Kaido and Big Mom will find themselves in Wano Country. That means Blackbeard is currently the most dangerous pirate in One Piece. Not only does he have two powerful Devil Fruits, but his entire crew is on the lookout for them. Luffy’s bounty is going to skyrocket after Wano Country. In the story, his main rival will also catch up with him. Given that everyone is fighting each other right now, Blackbeard must be up to something big. He never passes up an opportunity to strike when no one is looking. Before Luffy finds the One Piece, Blackbeard will most likely be the last major obstacle. Fans are excited to see what Oda has in store for everyone.

2) What happened at Sabo and Vivi

Sabo and Vivi will always be beloved characters among One Piece fans. However, things aren’t looking good for them now that the Levely is over. Im has already directed that certain figures be eliminated by the Five Elders. Given their fascination with Vivi and her royal family, she could be a target. Meanwhile, at the Levely, the Revolutionary Commanders fought the Admirals. This was the final appearance of Sabo in the story. While the outcome is unknown, One Piece fans are concerned about him. When he heard about the incident, Dragon was not pleased.

1) Yamato joining the Straw Hats

Yamato has exploded in popularity among fans since her debut in the One Piece series. She’s made it clear that she wants to sail the seas. Yamato would thus be following in the footsteps of Kozuki Oden. She is unquestionably a popular choice to join the Straw Hat Pirates. It would be a deeply poetic parallel to Oden joining the Roger Pirates. He had already visited Laugh Tale and discovered the One Piece. Yamato could serve in the same capacity for the Straw Hats. More importantly, she is a powerful woman with a lot of personality. Yamato would be an excellent addition to the crew.

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