Best Ranged cards for Super Witch Crown Challenge in Clash Royale

The Super Witch Crown challenge in Clash Royale is a new special card challenge in which players must build a tournament deck utilising the Super Witch card. To win in-game challenge battles, players can choose any rarity card from Common to Champion. Anti-air cards, micro tank cards, air cards, swarm troop cards, and other sorts of cards may all be utilised to build a tournament deck and win fights. Ranged cards are the most important type of cards because they can easily take out the enemy’s troops and towers from a long distance. Best Ranged cards for Super Witch Crown Challenge in Clash Royale

5 best Ranged cards that can be used to win Clash Royale’s Super Witch Crown challenge

1) Witch

Price: 5 Elixir

Damage: 178

1110 hit points

Witch is a strong ranged troop card that summons Skeletons to confuse your opponent’s soldiers and structures. Players might obtain the Witch card after they reach Arena 5. The Witch card creates four tiny skeleton warriors every seven seconds while inflicting damage on enemy units. It may be used as a support soldier with high-hitpoint troops like Mega Knight, Pekka, and Valkyrie. Her ability to target both air and ground troops makes her one of the most effective cards for slowing down opponents.

2) Magic Archer

Price: 4 Elixir

Damage: 152

704 hit points

Magic Archer is one of Clash Royale’s most powerful Legendary cards, with a lot of hitpoints and damage. Players can access Arena 13 after they achieve level 13. The Magic Archer shoots arrows in a straight line, injuring the target as well as any troops caught in its path. Tank soldiers for Magic Archer cards include Mini Pekka, Golem, Mega Knight, Valkyrie, and Balloon.

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3) Electro Wizard

Price: 4 Elixir

Damage: 290

944 hit points

When players reach Arena 11, they can obtain the Legendary card Electro Wizard. It is a Ranged anti-air card that does both normal and splash damage. This card, along with tank cards like Mini Pekka, Mega Knight, and Pekka, has high hitpoints and damage, making it one of the strongest cards to employ as support. His unique ability stuns opposing troops, resetting their abilities, and should be utilised against Inferno Towers and Inferno Dragons.

4) Executioner

Price: 5 Elixir

Damage: 448

1696 hit points

The Executioner is an Epic Ranged troop card with a high hitpoint that high-level players can obtain after they reach Arena 14. It launches an axe like a boomerang, causing double the damage on both sides. It’s one of the few Ranged troop cards in Clash Royale that can target both air and ground troops, allowing players to use it as a counter-attack after defending against enemy forces. The Executioner, together with Valkyrie and Mini Pekka, should be used as an anti-air Ranged card.

5) Archer Queen

Price: 4 Elixir

Damage: 299

1330 hit points

Archer Queen is the only anti-air Champion card in Clash Royale, and it can be obtained if the King has been upgraded to level 14. It’s a powerful anti-air Ranged card that can rapidly dispatch high-hitpoint cards like Golem while also halting the enemy’s advance. Players may activate Archer Queen’s special ability ‘Cloaking Cape,’ which renders her invisible for a few seconds while also boosting her damage speed, by spending one additional Elixir. In Clash Royale, Archer Queen should be utilised as a support card.

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