How to get Phalar Aluve in Baldur’s Gate 3

When adventurers find Phalar Aluve, they are exploring the deep Underdark near the Temple of Selune.

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In Baldur’s Gate 3, there is a super cool sword called Phalar Aluve hidden deep in the Underdark near the Temple of Selune. Finding it isn’t easy, though. First, you have to go through a gate, turn left and climb up. Then, you will spot it stuck in a stone. But getting it out is the real challenge. You  will need either to be really strong or know some special tricks to free it. Once you manage to get it Phalar Aluve becomes a powerful weapon that can really help your team out. In the article, we will tell how can you get this sword easily l.

How to Find Phalar Aluve in BG3

When adventurers find Phalar Aluve, they are exploring the deep Underdark near the Temple of Selune. If they start from the Zhentarim Hideout entrance they will be pretty close to where they need to go.

Start your adventure at the Temple of Selune. Go down the steps at the main entrance to enter the Underdark. Follow the twisting paths and turns left at the second intersection. Then climb up a slope that spirals upwards. At the top, you will find Phalar Aluve stuck in a stone (Coordinates: X:117, Y:-191).

There are different ways to get Phalar Aluve out of the stone it’s stuck in:

  • A simple way is to try pulling the sword out with a Strength check of at least 15. This lets a character forcefully remove the sword.
  • Or, if someone makes a Religion check of 15 or more, they might understand the ritual needed to free the sword. It usually involves some sort of bloodshed.
  • Paladins in Baldur’s Gate 3 have a special advantage. They just need to make a Religion check of 10 to figure out the right ritual. If they succeed they can either perform the ritual or use their oath, with a Charisma check of 10.
  • Clerics who follow Eilistraee don’t need to worry about ability checks. They can use a special ritual that involves spilling blood on the blade and this makes it a good choice for characters who aren’t skilled in the needed abilities.

How to Use Aluve’s Power

Phalar Aluve is a unique longsword. It can Sing, which helps friends do better in attacking and saving themselves. It can also Shriek, making it harder for enemies to save themselves and causing extra damage from thunder when it hits them.

Also, when you use Phalar Aluve, you can do 5 to 15 damage with slashing moves. If you are good with longswords, you can also do special attacks like Pommel, Lacerate and Rush Attack. These moves are great for classes like Bards, Rogues, Githyanki or Elves.

This special longsword works well with classes that help others like Bards. Its Sing and Shriek abilities are perfect for boosting the Bard’s Performance skill which relies on Charisma. Even though some people don’t think much of Bards, they really stand out when they have Phalar Aluve. It makes them even better at giving buffs and debuffs.

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