Genshin Impact New Upcoming Character Sigewinne: Everything You Need to Know About it

In the next big update of Genshin Impact which is coming out on June 5, 2024, players will finally get to meet Sigewinne.

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Sigewinne is a new character in Genshin Impact and she helps heal and fight in the game. This article tells you all about her. You will learn when she comes out, what she can do and how strong she is. It also talks about her abilities and skills. You will find out her role and how rare she is. If you want to know about her Constellations, they are here too. So, if you are excited about Sigewinne, keep reading.

Introduction to Sigewinne

Sigewinne, a highly awaited character from the Fontaine team, is about to show up in Genshin Impact. She is the main nurse at the Fortress of Meropide and she brings special healing skills and cool powers to the game. 

Let’s go into what we know about Sigewinne like when she’s coming out, what she can do, how rare she is and more.

Sigewinne comes from a special group called the Melusines. She’s seen as both powerful and caring. Even though she is from a different background, she works as the main nurse, showing off her skills and dedication in the game’s story.

Release Date and Expected Characters

In the next big update of Genshin Impact which is coming out on June 5, 2024, players will finally get to meet Sigewinne. She’s the new character everyone’s been waiting for. Also, in this update, they are adding Clorinde as a 5-star character and Sethos as a 4-star character from the Sumeru region.

Sigewinne’s Role and Rarity

Leaks say that Sigewinne will be a 5-star Hydro character in Genshin Impact. She is all about healing but with a twist. Even though she’s seen as a healer and her abilities suggest she can do more than just support the team. People think she might be similar to Kokomi, another character with unique powers.

Sigewinne’s Abilities

Basic Attack

Sigewinne can do up to five faraway attacks, these attacks hurt enemies. If she charges up an attack, it becomes stronger and does Hydro damage when she lets it go.

Elemental Skill

Sigewinne can throw a water ball every 18 seconds in Genshin Impact, It hurts enemies nearby depending on how healthy she is. When it hits, it heals all her teammates except her. If you hold down the skill she throws a bigger water ball. This one stops enemies in their tracks and leaves behind “Sourcewater Droplets” for her friends to grab. Each droplet they pick up gives Sigewinne a bond worth ten percent of her health.

Elemental Burst

Sigewinne can use her big move called an Elemental Burst on every 18 seconds, It costs 70 energy. When she uses it, she will do a big splash of Hydro damage for 2.5 seconds in a certain area. While she is doing her burst, she can suck up nearby “Sourcewater Droplets.”

Sigewinne’s Talents

  • First Talent: Sigewinne’s first special skill gives her a “Semi-Forced Rest” boost when she uses her Elemental Skill. This makes her Hydro damage stronger by eight percent each time and she can do this up to ten times. If other team members use these boosts, they will also get stronger. Sigewinne gets even more powerful depending on how much health she has.
  • Second Talent: Sigewinne gets a boost to her healing abilities based on how much total Bond of Life points her party members have. This boost can go up to 30 percent.
  • Third Talent: When you are exploring underwater in Fontaine or any characters who have less than half of their health left will get healed every 20 seconds.

Sigewinne’s Constellations

C1: Adds three additional bounces to her Elemental Skill, maintaining the water ball’s size.

C2: Grants Sigewinne an absorption shield equal to 30 percent of her maximum health and reduces enemies’ Hydro resistance by 35 percent.

C3: Increases her Elemental Skill level by three.

C4: Extends the duration of her Elemental Burst by three seconds.

C5: Raises her Elemental Burst level by three.

C6: Gains increased Critical Damage and Critical Rate based on health, with added bonuses to her Elemental Burst.

Sigewinne is going to be a strong character in Genshin Impact, she’s not just about healing but she can also fight well. Players are excited for her to join the game because she will make their adventures in Teyvat even more fun.

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