How to Fix Fortnite Error: Failed to Query for Tournament Rules

Players have been dealing with the same error message 'Failed to query for tournament rules' for a while now

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By Naman Alok | Apr 28, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Are you having trouble playing Fortnite because of an error that says ‘Failed to query for tournament rules’? No need to worry because we have some solutions for you. We will guide you through easy steps to fix this issue, check if the servers are okay, restart the game and ensure your internet is working fine. We will also talk about turning on Two-Factor Authentication and getting help from Epic Games support if you need it. Stick with us to get back to playing Fortnite without any problems.

How to fix this Error in Fortnite?

Players have been dealing with the same error message ‘Failed to query for tournament rules’ for a while now, especially during Chapter 5 of Fortnite. It usually shows up when you try to join a tournament after selecting a Ranked Cup from the competitive menu and hitting the play button in the lobby.

  1. Check Server Status

It is a good idea to see if Fortnite’s servers are okay before trying to fix anything. Epic Games shares updates about server status through their official channels. Sometimes when lots of people are playing during big events, the servers can get too busy and cause problems with connecting to the game.

  1. Restarting the Game

A simple but often helpful fix is to close Fortnite completely, whether you are playing on PC with the Epic Launcher or on Xbox, PlayStation or Switch, make sure to fully close the game before opening it again.

  1. Logging Out and Back In

Sometimes just signing out of your Epic Games account and then signing back in can fix the problem. Many players have tried this and it is worked for them even though it seems pretty simple.

  1. Verifying Internet Connection

Make sure your internet is working well. Even if it seems fine, try turning off your router for a few minutes then turn it back on. This might help fix any connection problems.

  1. Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you want to join Fortnite tournaments it is important to turn on Two-Factor Authentication for your Epic Games account. This extra security step helps prevent any problems with your eligibility.

  1. Contacting Epic Games Support

If the steps we mentioned earlier don’t fix the problem your next step is to contact Epic Games support. Tell them about the issue so they can help you personally.

If you are waiting to hear back from Epic Games support, it is a good idea to try those steps again.

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