Today Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson turns 51 let's look back at his top 5 moments in WWE

The Rock is one of the greatest Superstars in professional wrestling. For over 17 years, his magnetism has enchanted audiences.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson during the kick off, Image credit: Twitter/NFL
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Its the People’s Champs birthday. So, it should be celebrated. The Rock made his debut in WWE as Rocky Mavia at WWE Survivor Series 1996. It was an eight-man elimination tag match where he was the single survivor, eliminating the other team’s last two members, Crush and Goldust. “The Brahma Bull” may be the highest-paid actor in the world and one of the biggest movie stars, but his career started at WWE.

He is a 10-time world champion, the promotion’s first of African-American origin, a two-time Intercontinental Champion, a five-time Tag Team Champion, the winner of the 2000 Royal Rumble, and WWE’s sixth Triple Crown champion. He is now turned 51 years old and it calls us to look back at his Top 5 greatest moments in WWE.

5. The Rock impersonating his rivals

He is the greatest star ever created in the pro-wrestling world. He is known for his charisma. Many fans have attempted to impersonate The Rock over the years, but few have been able to capture his style and mannerisms as well as he does. Also, while many attempted to impersonate The Rock, The Brahma Bull was one of the best impersonators. Watch the video below, while he imitates, Kurt Angle, Rikishi, The Undertaker, Triple H, and Stone Cold “Steve Austin” destroying them with words.

4. The People’s Elbow

This man is a show-maker. The Great One was not just a good pro wrestler but he knew how to hype the crowd. His finisher “The People’s Elbow” is also called the most electrifying move in sports entertainment. It’s not just called for show but for actually. Whenever, The Rock was to remove his band, the fans, and the WWE universe as a whole would go crazy.

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3. The Rock’s catchphrases

Wrestling catchphrases are common, with many of the industry’s greatest stars employing at least one. Wrestlers often include them in their backstage and in-ring promos, sometimes to shut down an opponent and sometimes to get the crowd hyped.

While many wrestlers have one, no one comes close to The Rock when it comes to catchphrases. The People’s Champion had a plethora of catchphrases that he used against his opponents, keeping supporters amused as they joined in. But, with so many to choose from, determining which is the best he has ever created is difficult.

2. The Rock and his rivalry with Stone Cold “Steve Austin”

There is no denying that The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s feud is one of the greatest in-ring rivalries of all time. This is the conflict that propelled WWE to a new level when fans became completely engrossed in the action and the show had tremendous ratings. Both of these tremendous superstars were the finest of their eras, and watching them have a long-term conflict that spanned three WrestleMania events is unusual.

This is the rivalry that pushed the Attitude Era and helped WWE become the top professional wrestling organization on the face of the earth. Nobody was anywhere near WWE and it’s still the same because of these both men.

1. Creating history at WrestleMania 28

One of the biggest stars of the “Attitude Era” takes on the biggest star of the “PG Era.” It was a match few could have predicted, but it captivated even the harshest wrestling critics.

In fact, their main event encounter helped WrestleMania 28 become the most successful pay-per-view event in wrestling history, surpassing WrestleMania 23.

The match brought together supporters of today’s product and fans from the past, individuals who had stopped watching when the Attitude Era ended. As most people are aware, The Rock won the WrestleMania bout and was therefore awarded a WWE Championship match nearly a year later at the Royal Rumble.

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