UFC on ESPN 49 bonuses: Jack Della Maddalena and Bassil Hafez's bout won "Fight of the Night"

Right from the start Holm unleashed a series of rapid left-hand strikes. She caught Bueno Silva off guard.

Jack Della Maddalena and Bassil Hafez [Image Credit: Twitter@UFC]
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Right from the start Holm unleashed a series of rapid left-hand strikes. She caught Bueno Silva off guard. However, Bueno Silva retaliated with a strong leg kick. She showed her resilience in the face of Holm’s attacks. Holm then took control pushing Bueno Silva against the cage and delivering punishing knees to the body and legs. The crowd was on their feet as the fighters broke free from the clinch.

Holm landed a solid combination impressing the audience with her precision and power. But Bueno Silva didn’t back down and fought back. She landed a big left hook that rocked Holm. Despite the onslaught, Holm quickly regained control pressing Bueno Silva against the cage once again. She continued to punish her opponent with knees to the body and legs displaying her dominance. Bueno Silva locked in a front choke submission tightening her grip on Holm. Unable to escape, Holm was forced to tap ending the fight in Bueno Silva’s favor.

Jack Della Maddalena vs Bassil Hafez

The fight between Hafez and Della Maddalena at [Event Name] was a thrilling display of skill and determination. Right from the start, Hafez went for a takedown and successfully brought Della Maddalena to the ground. However, Della Maddalena attempted a guillotine choke, but it wasn’t tight enough to secure the submission. Hafez managed to escape and regain control of the fight. The two fighters then engaged in an intense exchange of strikes, with Hafez landing a couple of left hands and Della Maddalena responding with a leg kick.

Della Maddalena pressed Hafez with good combinations. Hafez attempted takedowns, but Della Maddalena defended well and showcased his striking skills. Hafez showed his toughness, absorbing shots and continuing to press forward. With 90 seconds left, Hafez reversed the position and ended up on top. The fight ended with intense scrambles and both fighters back on their feet.

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Post-fight bonuses

Jack Della Maddalena and Bassil Hafez put on an impressive performance that caught the attention of UFC officials at UFC Vegas 77. Despite the short notice and multiple opponent changes for Della Maddalena, Hafez stepped in and showed great determination in the fight. With his relentless takedown attempts and solid striking, Hafez managed to convince one of the judges that he deserved the win.

However, the other two judges scored the fight in favor of Della Maddalena, resulting in a split-decision victory for him. Both fighters will be rewarded for their efforts, as they were awarded the “Fight of the Night” bonus, which includes an additional $50,000. It was a remarkable display of skill and heart from both competitors, making it a memorable bout for the fans.

  • Jack Della Maddalena (Fight of the Night)
  • Bassil Hafez (Fight of the Night)
  • Mayra Bueno Silva (Performance of the Night)
  • Francisco Prado (Performance of the Night)

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