Casper Ruud: Family, relationship status, net worth and random facts

Casper Ruud is one of the most promising young players on the ATP tour right now. Find out more about the rising star, including his family details and relationship status, here.

Casper Ruud with his trophy; Credit: Twitter
By Shayne Dias | Dec 13, 2021 | 5 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Norway’s young star Casper Ruud is already a standout name in the world of tennis. The 22-year-old from Norway had a 2021 to remember, shining bright when afforded the chance to do so.

Many saw this as the Norwegian’s breakout year and it is understandable why they feel this way. He won a grand total of five ATP titles while also managing to make the semi-finals of two ATP Masters tournaments.

Such was the form he showed towards the latter parts of the season that he qualified for the year-ending Nitto ATP Finals. This was the first time in his career that he made it to the tournament.

And he put in an impressive showing in Turin too. He made it all the way to the semi-finals but ended up losing to eventual runner-up Daniil Medvedev.

However, the run in the tournament helped him consolidate his year-end ranking. He entered the tournament ranked 8th in the ATP rankings; that was the position he finished the year in.

Given Ruud only turned professional in 2015, this is quite the rise up the rankings. And many expect him to go all the way up the rankings in the coming season.

Naturally, after such a season, fans around the world are eager to know more about the youngster from Oslo. Here we take a look at everything you need to know about him – from his family life to relationship status and net worth.

Casper Ruud net worth

Casper Ruud’s current net worth is thought to be somewhere in the range of USD 2 million. That will doubtless rise as his career progresses.

Casper Ruud family and childhood

Casper Ruud was born on 22 December 1998, in Snaroya, Baerum, Oslo, Norway. He stands at around 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in) and weighs approximately 77 kg.

His birth sign, as is evident from his date of birth, is Capricorn. Ruud also has two sisters: Caroline and Charlotte. Not much is known about his sisters, or his educational background and indeed his mother, Lele Ruud.

However, it is safe to say he has tennis in his blood. That is because Ruud’s father Christian has also played the sport at professional level.

Indeed, Christian Ruud managed to achieve a career-high ranking of 35, which for years was the highest rank ever achieved by a Norwegian in the ATP rankings.

That record was, of course, broken by his son when he entered the top 25 of the rankings in 2020. But even there, his father had a hand to play in his success.

This is because Christian is the one who coached his son, and it is a role he continues to play to this day. Casper credits his father’s teachings as key to his success.

“Even though over the last years I’ve had more and more success and I’ve been getting better on the tour, I think I’ve lived this kind of life as an athlete for many years already,” he told The Guardian in an interview.

“My father has been serious with me because he wanted me to have the best opportunities to do well. I think that has been a huge benefit for me coming from a small country like Norway.”

Casper Ruud relationship status

As is the case with any celebrity of note, fans are always curious as to the nature of their relationship status. It is why many are also keen to know the same about Casper Ruud.

But for anyone hoping for him to be single, sorry to burst your bubble because Casper has a girlfriend! Yes, the boy from Oslo, Norway is currently in a serious relationship – and has been so since 2018.

Ruud has been dating current girlfriend Maria Galligani since 2018, although there isn’t a lot to be known about their relationship as such.

Who is Casper Ruud’s girlfriend?

Casper Ruud and his girlfriend generally keep a low profile while also popping up on each other’s Instagram feeds every now and again.

On occasion, Casper and his girlfriend are seen on vacation; on some occasions, Galligani has been spotted at Ruud’s tennis matches too.

The two will often times comment on each other’s Instagram posts too. Galligani is often seen as a major source of support for him too.

Many an eagle-eyed fan has spotted her Gallani in the player’s box across tournaments. She was seen at the Austrian Open, Paris Masters and even the ATP Nitto Finals during her boyfriend’s matches.

And while they might keep a low profile in terms of keeping their lives private, they absolutely do not shy away from expressing their love towards each other on Instagram.

Never was this more evident than when Ruud won his 5th ATP title at the 2021 Austrian Open. Galligani posted a lovely picture of them kissing while holding the trophy. She also captioned the picture “You never cease to impress.”

All in all, they come across as a couple very much in love. And it shows.

All you need to know about Casper Ruud’s girlfriend – Maria Galligani

Maria Galligani, like Casper Ruud, is also from Oslo, Norway. She graduated from Stabekk upper secondary school in 2015 and then from NLA University College in 2017.

Thereafter, she would go on to be a part of Bjorknes College, and she graduated from there in the year 2020 with a degree in Psychology.

And she is currently pursuing her Master’s in Psychology from Syddansk Universitet, which is in the University of Southern Denmark.

The exact details regarding her age, parents and previous relationships (if any) are not known to the public.

Casper Ruud random facts

As Ruud has risen up the rankings and come to prominence, there have been a few interesting things about him that have been made known to fans.

The first is the fact that, growing up, he idolized Rafael Nadal. Like his idol, Ruud too has tasted most of his success so far on clay courts.

Indeed, he is considered one of the finest clay court players in the world right now. As a child, he even tried to imitate the way Nadal played.

“Watching Nadal, who was my favourite player growing up, I think that also made a small impact on the way I tended to play because when you’re young it’s always fun to, not imitate, but try to learn from your favourite players,” he told The Guardian.

“Growing up, I’ve figured it was maybe not the best thing to try to copy Nadal’s style because he’s very physical!”

Interestingly, despite Ruud being one of the nicer guys on the tour, he did have one memorable feud with a fellow professional. The person in question? Nick Kyrgios.

The two’s issues stem from Kyrgios defaulting himself during the third round clash of the 2019 Rome Masters against Ruud. The Norwegian criticized him and it led to plenty of back and forth between the two.

Ruud has since shown some humour on the situation but Kyrgios, despite praising his rival, has not backed down from taking a few pot shots every now and again.

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