Where to read Secret Class english and uncensored versions

In this article, check out where you can read Secret Class english chapters, uncensored version, and more details about the manhwa.

Aunt June from Secret Class (image: Toptoon)
By Mahaksh Chauhan | Mar 2, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Get ready cultured fans, as this article is solely based on where you can read the latest Secret Class English chapters. Also, we will guide you to a secret place, where you can find the uncensored version. With over 200 chapters, the manhwa has always been one of the best among cultured fans. But seeing how the plot is progressing, we can expect the manhwa to end soon.

English and Uncensored Version

First and foremost, the Secret Class English chapters are all available to read on Day Comics. This is the official global platform for the Toptoon. Here you can find every manhwa like this with English translation.

However, only a few chapters are free and for the rest, you have to purchase them with coins. More details you can find on the platform. Another way to read is on Anime News Flash on the web.


First please keep in mind that the uncensored version is done by fans. Secret Class uncensored can be read on the Mangadistrict website. You will be able to find more manhwa there in the uncensored version.

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Secret Class Chapter 210

The official Secret Class Chapter 210 English will be released on March 3, 2024, at 8 pm IST. You can read it on Day Comics officially. At 2 pm IST, you can read it on Anime News Flash on the web.

What has happened so far?

At the moment, Mia is bewildered. In Secret English Class 209, she is sure she can smell her mother’s lovely and sweaty aroma. June came to the realization that the love of Daeho lingered within. According to Mia, a married woman should not wear pheromone perfume.

After that, Mia pulls a small prank. She praises June’s physique while slapping her behind. Despite this, Daeho has not yet emerged from the drawer. Plus, Suah is back at her house. What were Mia and June up to, she wanted to know. They are currently searching for his guy, she joked, and he is currently missing.

Daeho’s uncle is now in his room, having arrived. Because he was sick, he opted to sleep it off. His anger at Daeho and Suah’s romance has not subsided. Even now, June is aware that Daeho is listening in on everything.


Whatever it takes, he intends to break up with her. He simply cannot part with his daughter to help an orphan. Tell him to get up when dinner is ready, according to Uncle. Daeho emerged from his hiding place after June had departed and gazed at his uncle.

After Suah, Daeho follows in Secret Class 209 English. Everyone was searching for him when she wanted to know where he was. His feelings for Suah began to harden. “What if his dad finds out?” she asks. Kissing her, Daeho declares his desire for his uncle to discover their relationship.

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