Where fans can read Lost In The Cloud manhwa

In this article, check out where you can read Where fans can read Lost In The Cloud manhwa, plot, review and more information.

Lost in the Cloud Chapter 101/ Credit: Lezhin Comics
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The bl and yaoi fans are wondering right now where they can read the Lost In The Cloud manhwa officially with high quality. Once we have explored the top-tier BL manhwa in the world, we are now compelled to turn our attention to the ongoing series, such as Lost in the Cloud. Subsequently, we must determine the location to access them, which poses a challenge.

Where to read Lost In The Cloud manhwa?

Lost in the Cloud manhwa is an exclusive series available on the official English Lezhin website. Nevertheless, although classified as a Shounen ai, the manhwa, was authored and conceived by Paskim Con. It can have a quite tumultuous and overtly aggressive nature. Due to this particular reason, it is exclusively accessible on Lezhin’s affiliated platform, Lezhinus. Although it remains the official site, it is the version that is not suitable for viewing in a professional or public setting, if you get what I mean.

As of this writing, there are 98 chapters spread between the three seasons of the series, with new chapters released weekly. Also, like most BL and GL manhwa, it has author notes and special episodes sprinkled throughout the series, such as Christmas chapters and character profiles.

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Know more about the manhwa

Debuting in 2021 in South Korea, the manhwa introduced readers to the “relationship” between high school students Cirrus and Skylar. It was far from smooth. Cirrus, a classmate of Skylar’s, finds out about his peculiar habit of taking images of his crush. Chan-il, in his cloud storage, starts blackmailing him as a result.

More people should read this underappreciated slow-burn psychological BL manhwa. But if you’re looking for something to occupy your time, I promise you that this manhwa will have you engrossed from the first episode onward. While there aren’t any explicit sexual scenes, the portrayal of abuse and manipulation can be graphic.

The Plot

Skylar has a secret hobby – taking photos of his crush, Chan-il. But when Cirrus stumbles upon Skylar’s cloud storage with its impressive collection of Chan-il’s photos, things escalate pretty quickly. At first confident his secret is safe with Cirrus. Skylar continuously finds himself in compromising situations, making him question Cirrus’ true motives.

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