Top 5 Most Powerful Devils in Chainsaw Man

They are the Gun Devil, Curse Devil, Chainsaw Devil, Ghost Devil and Control Devil. Each devil has a unique power and backstory

Credits- Tatsuki Fujimoto
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The terrible creatures known as devils in the Chainsaw Man story come from the things that frighten humans the most and devil hunters defend humanity against them. Devil contracts are agreements they make with devils in exchange for power five of the most powerful devils are discussed in this article. 

They are the Gun Devil, Curse Devil, Chainsaw Devil, Ghost Devil and Control Devil. Each devil has a unique power and backstory and they are all important characters in the universe of Chainsaw Man.

Most Powerful Devils in Chainsaw Man

Gun Devil

Gun Devil Credits- Tatsuki Fujimoto

The Gun Devil is one of Chainsaw Man’s most powerful enemies even though most of its power is hidden, split throughout the planet, the Gun Devil has a great deal of power over global affairs. However the US held sway over a part of its body and used that power to negotiate a deadly contract. 

The President made the devil too good to refuse when he gave the Gun Devil a year of every American’s life in exchange for Makima’s elimination in a horrible exchange. The Gun Devil’s attempt failed but it caused a great deal of casualties just by being there.

Curse Devil

Curse Devil Credits- Tatsuki Fujimoto

Aki takes on risky jobs because she wants to exact revenge on the Gun Devil, Aki receives a powerful advantage in battle when the Curse Devil gives him a nail-shaped Katana. By bringing the Curse Devil’s might to bear Aki can guarantee his enemies destruction by activating the contract. 

But each use takes a toll on Aki’s life expectancy, reducing his years with each blow, after it is used for the first time the Curse Devil informs Aki that he only has two years left to live.

Chainsaw Devil

After meeting Pochita a small-minded devil Denji makes a deal that would change his life, after Denji is believed to be dead, Pochita offers him a second chance at life in return for his heart. Denji sets forth on a quest to realise his goals after being reborn as the Chainsaw Man, Denji gains unmatched power as a result of Pochita’s sacrifice, gaining him the title “Hero of Hell.”

Ghost Devil

Experienced in hunting down the Devil Himeno has a deadly agreement with the Ghost Devil, Himeno may call forth the Ghost Devil’s arm anytime she wants by giving up her right eye. He is able to quickly eliminate enemies thanks to the Ghost Devil’s might which is not available in traditional contracts. But Himeno’s life is lost when he attempts to use the Ghost Devil’s full power which has a deadly price.

Control Devil

The Prime Minister strikes a contract with Makima, the Control Devil in an attempt to protect Japan from demonic dangers. The agreement guarantees the Prime Minister access to elite demon hunters and gives Makima the power to disseminate her wounded to the general public. 

Though the agreement has advantages, there is a hidden cost because all harm done to Makima becomes minor illnesses for Japanese nationals.

The distribution of power between humans and devils in the world of Chainsaw Man is fixed by contracts. From the mysterious Gun Devil to the kind Chainsaw Devil, every deal has consequences that mould the lives of those who enter into it. 

Devil hunters keep navigating the dangerous realm of contracts as their fight with evil forces rages on making choices and allies along the way to victory.

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