Ryomen Sukuna's Top 10 Curse Techniques in Jujutsu Kaisen

We will be talking about Sukuna's top 10 cursed techniques and explaining what each technique does and how it makes Sukuna such a huge threat in the Jujutsu Kaisen world.

Credits- Gege Akutami
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Ryomen Sukuna is one of the most powerful sorcerers and evil curse spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen. He has lots of powerful abilities called cursed techniques. There are many curse techniques that exist in Jujutsu Kaisen even these techniques are super strong and can do a lot of damage. If you follow this manga, you will know about how strong he is. We will be talking about Sukuna’s top 10 cursed techniques and explaining what each technique does and how it makes Sukuna such a huge threat in the Jujutsu Kaisen world.

Most Powerful Curse Techniques Used By Ryomen Sukuna

Gege Akutami

10. Domain Amplification: Anti-Domain Technique

Domain Amplification is a special move that helps someone fight against powerful techniques from others. It works like a protective shield made of its own special energy and It is a bit like another move called Falling Blossom Emotion but not exactly the same. You can make an attack that’s hard to avoid with Domain Amplification or you can use it to counter someone else’s move. If someone tries to use a powerful technique called Infinity on you, you can use Domain Amplification to stop it by using their own power against them. It is like having a super strong shield that can block any attack.

09. Kamutoke: Cursed Tool

Kamutoke is a small weapon that looks like a tokkosho but it has a thin, dagger-like blade only on one side. In the middle, there’s a handle with two flat hoops on each side making it look like spheres. This weapon can summon electricity that hits the target from above.

08. Malevolent Shrine: Domain Expansion

When Sukuna uses his Domain Expansion it makes a shrine with skulls. The Malevolent Shrine is special because it doesn’t make a separate area with a barrier. Instead, it lets you leave but makes a promise with you. This promise makes the hit area much bigger up to about 200 meters across.

07. Reverse Cursed Technique

Reverse Cursed Technique is like a special magic trick that turns bad energy into good energy. It is tricky and mainly used for fixing up people’s bodies when they are hurt. So instead of using bad energy to make the magic work, the Reverse Cursed Technique uses good energy. When you use the Reverse Cursed Technique, you take that good energy and put it into another magic trick, making it do the opposite of what it normally does. Like if the regular magic trick pushes things away Reverse Cursed Technique makes it pull things towards it.

06. Using Healing with RCT

Sukuna isn’t just good at healing himself he can also use a special power called reverse cursed technique on other people. We saw this happen during the Shibuya arc but not many sorcerers can do this because it’s pretty rare. When Sukuna helps others with his powers he can save their lives and give them their energy back. This shows how skilled Sukuna is because not many sorcerers can do what he does. He’s kind of in his own league because he can heal and restore others’ energy. 

05. Dismantle

Sukuna has this move called Dismantle, It’s like a slashing attack but usually used on things like objects. But Sukuna figured out a cool trick with it, he learned from something called Mahoraga’s adaptation to Limitless and now he can make Dismantle even better. Instead of just cutting stuff around him he can use it to attack the whole world. It’s like turning the world into slices with his attacks.

04. Fire Arrows

Sukuna can make and control fire and he does this by saying a special phrase Divine Flame Open and shaping the fire into arrows. These arrows can shoot from far away and they are also stronger than the fire powers of a powerful curse named Jogo. Sukuna shows he’s good at using fire for fighting with these fire arrows. It’s like he’s gotten even better at fighting with this technique. So if you are facing Sukuna and see those fiery arrows flying towards you be careful because they can hurt.

03. Cleave

Sukuna’s Cleave is a powerful slashing move that changes based on how tough the target is and how much-cursed energy they have. It’s meant to take them out in just one hit but he is using his domain expansion, Sukuna has to actually touch the target to make Cleave work.

02. Spiderweb

Sukuna has a cool move called Spiderweb, it is like a spider’s web that pops up when he touches the ground. What’s cool about it is that it can adapt to how tough the ground is. Sukuna can use in different places and situations but It’s not just for trapping people. Spiderweb can also make the ground collapse under his enemies during a fight. Sukuna has more tricks up his sleeve to defeat his opponents and keep them guessing with Spiderweb.

01. Cursed Energy Manipulation

Sukuna is powerful when it comes to cursed energy because he’s called the King of Curses for a reason. He can use his cursed energy in battles without getting tired at all, It’s like he has an endless supply of it. His cursed energy is way more than other strong cursed spirits or sorcerers. Yuta Okkotsu is a powerful sorcerer and says Sukuna has at least double his cursed energy maybe even more. Sukuna is super skilled with his cursed energy but he can do things like Domain Expansion and Reverse Cursed Technique perfectly over and over again. Hajime Kashimo was amazed by how Sukuna controlled his cursed energy and could switch between different techniques smoothly. Hajime even said that if it weren’t for special powers like the Six Eyes, even Satoru Gojo wouldn’t stand a chance against Sukuna in a cursed energy battle.

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