Web slinger locations Fortnite: Where to find Spider-Man’s web shooters

Web swinging has become a part of Fortnite as the new mechanic.

Take this as your route to a fresh start in Fortnite Battle Royale. (Credits: Epic Games)

Web swinging has become a part of Fortnite as the new mechanic. Ever since Spider-Man has been introduced to Season 3 Battle Pass, the appearance of The Daily Bugle on the map of the game isn’t the only addition made to the character.

In this article, we will tell players how to web swing and where to find web-shooters to start practicing web-swinging abilities.

How to web swing in Fortnite explained

The ability to slide isn’t the only new mechanic brought to the game. Now, players can swing just like Spider-Man across the battle royale map. Notably, web-swinging wasn’t introduced during the launch.

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As per the official site, web-swinging in Fortnite has been available since December 11. If you were trying to do it but couldn’t, here’s the reason.

There is a video available on the web that shows how this works. Players can web swing in the game using Spider-Man’s web-shooters, which is an item that can be equipped. As per the YouTuber, the item was available for a short time.

It looks like if players have a surface to aim at, the web will get attached to it and they will be free to swing around it. It’s imperative to note that there is a 15 seconds cooldown period. Additionally, it seems that swinging can offer variations depending on where players are aiming at – web surfing being one of them.

Besides, Epic Games has managed to reduce the file size of Fortnite on PC by over 60GB. This has brought the size to between 25 and 30GB in total. The average size of Fortnite is now around 26GB on PC. The recently rolled-out patch that made this possible is actually larger on PC than any other platform that the game supports.

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