Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 3: New Skin and Upcoming Killer Bundles Reveals Upgrade

Call of Duty still accepts crazy customizability choices in the middle of the discussion about gameplay advantages.

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By Naman Alok | Apr 24, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

A new skin that allows players to gain points more quickly was added in the most recent Call of Duty update, while some players are happy with this, others are not. A similar incident occurred last year, a major disappointment this new skin is not free you get rewards when you play with friends who own it. With the many levels of Call of Duty this skin can help you advance more quickly by giving you more experience points and weaponry, more skins similar to this one will be released shortly.

Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 3: New Skin and Controversy 

Call of Duty still accepts crazy customizability choices in the middle of the discussion about gameplay advantages. These cosmetic bundles which feature everything from spikey-haired dinosaurs to bizarre characters provide humour and inventiveness to the game experience and offer an important respite from heated arguments.

In Call of Duty’s changing world of customisation the release of the Killer Serial Creep Party Pack represents a major turning point. These experience points bonuses provide an advanced way of in-game advancement that appeals to both casual fans and serious gamers, even though ongoing debates about “pay-to-win” methods. Customisation is still an important aspect of the Call of Duty experience even as the franchise explores further.

From Pay-to-Win to Pay-to-Skip: Upcoming Killer Bundles

Although some players might criticise these XP bonuses as “pay-to-win” their main purpose is to speed up the game’s long XP levels. These perks give players a quicker way to obtain the weapons they desire from the battle pass without significantly changing the gameplay mechanics as in other bundles.

Activision teased to the release of more Killer bundles during a reveal of Modern Warfare 3’s Season 3 upgrade. With comparable XP rewards to its previous work, the Killer Circus Freak Party Pack is the most famous of these. The release of the Killer: Porcelain and Killer: Bone Collector packs which will improve the game’s customisation choices is something else that gamers can look forward to.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Pay-to-Win Criticism and The Killer Serial Creep Party Pack

The “pay-to-win” gaming model came back into focus last year when Modern Warfare 2’s items bundles were introduced. These bundles came with real-world gameplay perks including a free medium rucksack at the beginning of a match or a permanent extra operator position. 

Activision’s strategy wasn’t totally surprising but it drew a lot of criticism for giving gamers who were ready to spend more money on the game more advantages. The Killer Serial Creep Party Pack which costs 1600 CoD Points includes access to the Rave skin along with a special “Party Skin Bonus.” 

When at least two players in the party equip the same skin the awards for double experience points and double weapon experience are triggered. Activision also teases additional games in the Killer franchise promising more benefits for gamers who stick with it.

Given the deep experience point progression system in Call of Duty the launch of Killer skins provides a tactical edge, especially for players that place a high priority on levelling up quickly. These skins could become essential for players looking to advance as far in the game as possible in group settings if double XP events don’t occur.

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